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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A concerning thought

I am sure a lot of you reading this blog read many other sources of information. I know I am an avid reader. Have you read about the way the next true world war will probably be waged? I have more than once read troops will not really be needed. This war can be waged in cyberspace.
What brought this to mind is the power outages in India this week. There was not only one major outage, but now a second and from what I read the cause is uncertain. It has left 670 million without electricity for extended periods of time.
For some time major powers including the U.S. and China have been developing ways to hack into the electric grid of a country and simply shut it down. Of course counter measures are being developed as well but if this was accomplished an entire country could be thrown into chaos with no way out. This is not simply lack of refrigeration. Gas pumps would not work. Banks would close, no internet, no way to use a charge card, the country would shut down.
Kind of a disturbing thought, isn't it. Was this problem in India simply a test? I have heard no speculation on that but it is hard not to wonder if it is possible. I may be way off base but it is a thought.
Ken Dillenburg