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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home rentals…..A paradigm shift!

There is a concern that our home rental number in Candlewick is approaching 10%. A percentage cap on the number of rentals is being considered and might not be a bad thing, promoting stable home ownership rather than more transient residents. Too many rentals could also depress home values that have already declined here as well as in almost every other area. We need to stabilize values to the benefit of all property owners. This morning in USA TODAY I read an interesting article on the subject. See below.

Some areas of our country are in a situation of rental homes starting to outnumber owned homes. The switch to rentals is in part due to the foreclosure problem that is continuing as well as home ownership no longer being a sure way to build a nest egg for retirement. Actually now home ownership can diminish your nest egg rather than build it. This could be a long term situation for rental growth.

Irvine California now has a 2010 home rental number of 49.8%, Birmingham Alabama is now over 50%. Nationwide……..and this was a shocker to me……..rented homes compared to owner occupied homes are now at 34.9%. I didn’t think I would ever see the day. The article indicated most still aspire to own homes but it isn’t happening. I guess this is simply more of the sad “new normal” as Bill Gross calls it.

Ken Dillenburg

Saturday, May 28, 2011


May we always remember the sacrifice
of the men and women who died while in military service. May we honor their valor by treasuring the legacy of our free nation they fought to preserve.

As we commemorate our departed heroes, I think it fitting to express appreciation to all those who serve and have served. How fortunate we are that so many Americans of extraordinary devotion and character have answered the call when the nation needed them.

In the picture: CPL Mathew Bowman(seated) at Arlington National Cemetery. This amazing and inspiring young marine is coming back strong three months after a Taliban IED tore through his body.

Randy Budreau

On this Memorial Day

As I watched the graduation ceremony last Tuesday evening at North Boone High School there was an action taken I felt was very significant. During one of the speeches the graduates who were entering our armed forces were individually named and asked to stand. All were applauded and thanked for their upcoming service. They were a fine group of no longer kids, but young men ready to serve the country they love. Next all in the audience who had ever served in the military were asked to stand to be recognized. Several of all ages stood and received their well deserved recognition. These are the men and women who sacrificed part of their lives to defend the country for the rest of us. Many more were never to return or were forever physically harmed during their service. We owe they and their families more than can be repaid.

We need to take time from our petty squabbles to realize what matters most, those we love and those willing to sacrifice all for the good of the rest of us. I salute all of you who have served, knowing I am not one deserving of your tremendous gift.

Ken Dillenburg

Over fifty? Check this out

This year’s healthy living expo will be at Belvidere North High School June 7th (Tuesday) from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. There are normally drawings, lot of free stuff from vendors, free health screenings, and presentations. This year I see there is also a breakfast from 8 to 10 and music. This is all free for “seniors.” Since when is 50 a senior? I really feel old now since 50 is way in my rear view mirror!

Ken Dillenburg

Friday, May 27, 2011

Just call Don

We have discussed at some length here the proposed AQUA increase in our water & sewer charges. The board of directors is in the process of establishing an ADHOC commission to study the issue and hopefully find a course to follow in order to modify or eliminate the action.

Board of directors member Don Parisi has agreed to head the commission and is looking for volunteers to help with research and planning. Most of us are unhappy with the rate proposal, feeling we are already charged very high rates. This is a community wide agreement issue and no matter what side you have taken in past issues this is your opportunity to work with others for the good of all. Please consider putting past differences aside for this effort.

Call Don Parisi at (224)-489-6665 or contact the CWL office to sign up. Your help is needed.

Ken Dillenburg

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Garage sale pictures

Top picture…

Marie Messineo, Judy Rio, Marge Alloway, Joe Messineo, Mary Ann Snyder, Richard Paris.

Jody Rio and friends raised $810.00 during the garage sale to restore Oak Tree Park.

Second picture…

Cindy Genrich, Pam Highland , Jerry Genrich.

Cindy and her Styling for Pink Team made and sold jewelry with 100% of the sales going to cancer fund.

Third picture….

Candlewick Lake's Cub Scout pack 77 sold hotdogs at Friendship Park.

Pictures courtesy of Barb Appelhans.