Mission Statement..We will work to preserve and enhance our way of life through our homeowners association and provide information to the property owners to accomplish that goal.

Friday, April 30, 2010

More woes for CPAC

A Boone County Journal article recently stated the leaders of Poplar Grove, Caledonia, and Timberlane all have made the decision not to reply to the letter sent to each of them by CPAC regarding requests for permission to incorporate Candlewick and the offer to enter agreements, all three municipalities indicating CPAC has no standing in the issue. They expressed willingness to talk to our board of directors on mutually beneficial undertakings for cost savings but not with CPAC. This is in agreement with an article published in a recent Candlewick Newsletter asking the question from where CPAC's authority arose to even make the request and offer. This was an obvious overstep from their mission of fact gathering.
In another setback for CPAC the vice president of the group has resigned. This will leave a vacuum since he has been the speaker at the Town Hall meetings promoting incorporation. No reason for the resignation was given.
Ken Dillenburg

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Candlewick financial changes

Another big thank you to our management, board, and finance committee. They took a look at our relationship with UBS as our financial adviser and investment group and made the decision we were not getting the best available return on our financial resources. The decision was made to look at other alternatives and after due diligence "SmartStreet", which is a division of RBC, came out the winner. I am not sure if the switch is complete at the time of this writing but it is one more example of our leaders looking out for the property owners on a personal basis. They care, and that means a lot. We appreciate your efforts on our behalf.
Ken Dillenburg

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CC&Rs...how about this?

Since the CC&Rs are being re-worked at this time how about another addition to them. Let's add a provision making it necessary to obtain a vote of 50% plus 1 of all property owners of record to change our full gated status? There was a huge uprising when the proposition arose to eliminate our gates. Let's make it a part of our new rules so it will no longer be a concern that a movement could change our gated status without property owner support in addition to voter support at the poles? It only seems fair since we have a lot of part time residents that are paying full dues along with full time residents. Thoughts?
Ken Dillenburg

Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's discuss roads

Several months ago the board received a requested "reserve study" from a group of outside experts. This study was intended to get a handle on future expenditures necessary for the maintenance of our assets both near and long term. One of the areas covered was the roads. After reviewing the recommendations the board realized the study to be more of an optimum view of what to do if we had unlimited funds.
It was recommended by the report every road in our association be removed, rebased, and replaced over a fairly short time frame with extensive costs involved. Our board, to their great credit, decided to appoint an ad-hoc committee to look at what needs to be done rather than what would happen in a perfect world where we all drove Escalades. The committee is currently being formed and some real world ideas should be coming in the not to distant future from members unselfishly volunteering their time. The roads will need work but some are hardly used at all with others being constantly used. The board is taking a common sense approach once again. Congratulations, and thank you for thinking of our members first and foremost. Ken Dillenburg

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Candlewick Cleanup Day

Well, another Candlewick cleanup day is over. Some of us took advantage of the good weather on Friday to pick up trash on our assigned streets and others braved the drizzle on Saturday. A big thank you to the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts that helped out. It seems like we are making progress in getting the message across since there was less to pick up this year. Thanks to Rich Witt for doing the organization of this event every year! Sandy Morse

What are they to do?

Our management including the department heads worked very hard to come in under budget in almost every department this year. What is the response from the more government bunch? This doesn't fit into their plans so they are saying it is obvious the budget was too high. Now let's think about this for a minute. If they came in over budget they were lazy and overspent, if they came in on budget they just had to use it all up, if under budget it must be because the budget was too loose. How can our management group win? They are going to be called poor managers no matter what if it fits the cause. Dues steady this year with some free amenities? To me that is good management of resources! Nice work, team. Ken Dillenburg

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time for the experts

Prior to the board granting the request for the holding of "summits" there had been plans for a group of outside experts to present the pros and cons regarding incorporation of our community. That plan was put on hold by the board at the request of the person wishing to conduct the summits. The board delayed the expert's report in hope the summits would help in the purpose submitted. It is time for the facts, not conjecture. The Candlewick Pride will work hand in hand with the experts to bring truthful answers to the pressing questions. Let's start that process and end the delays. Ken Dillenburg

End of the "summits"?

The question begs to be answered. CPAC said they were canceling the last town hall meeting due to the summit meetings. They have now announced the commencement of meetings, the pro-inc group is working to get names for the petition to get the question on the ballot, and I personally have found no value in the meetings and the coordinator has refused at this time to turn over the original question forms we filled out. There is no community healing as was the stated purpose. Does this signal the time for the meetings to be ended as a failed experiment? Not for me to say but that seems to be the direction. Ken Dillenburg

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Below are the highlights of the Candlewick board of directors meeting of April 20, 2010. This is a not an official complete report but simply an informational document for those unable to attend. Watch the newsletter for more complete information and the official minutes. Ken Dillenburg

Don Parisi was elected by the board to take the vacated seat of Jack Stoner, who resigned recently. Cathy Headly, Bonnie Marron , and Don took their seats so the board is now again at full strength.

Officers were elected. Rich Witt is again president, Bonnie Marron is vice president, Jeff Lutzow is treasurer, and Pam Cangelosi is secretary. Congratulations to all!

Picker & Associates will perform our fiscal year audit with a one year contract.

The request by the Candlewick Voice to use facilities monthly or bi-monthly free of charge for their meetings was denied by the board.

The dredging project was discussed. Those in the effected areas will be notified regarding when their piers can be in place after dredging. The plan is progressing and the work should be starting within weeks with as little disruption to the lake as possible. The end result will be worth the short term inconvenience.

Bianiti's request to place additional signage at their expense, advertise their grand opening outside our community, and have a DJ on the deck outside the grill was granted. The preliminary date for the activities by Bianitis Dockside Grill is May 1.

There was a vote taken to accept the donation of two lots to the association.

Bad debts totaling $11,943.47 were written off as noncollectable.

A rebuilt 60 horsepower outboard motor will be purchased for $2,304.13 to replace the non-functional motor on our back-up lake patrol boat for safety purposes.

There was extensive discussion of the revised CC&Rs. They will be mailed to all property owners soon and meetings will be held with attorneys for all P.O.s to answer questions before the passage vote is taken. It will take the yes vote of 50% plus one of the property owners to pass the changes.

The board voted to indicate CPAC is not affiliated with the board in any way but as always they are independent to proceed with what they feel is appropriate in their mission. Rich Witt thanked them for all their work completing their fact finding mission regarding information on incorporation as the board initially requested.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why am I here?

Why we built our home in Candlewick Lake and left the City?
By Cindy Genrich
May 2002, I lost a very special man, my father. I spoke at his funeral about the best gifts you can give your family is memories. When I was growing up my favorite memories were spending time at our summer home on Wonder Lake. We spent hour’s water skiing, boating and swimming. During the summer on Sunday’s we had more friends, family, neighbors, bringing a dish to pass to enjoy picnics and spending the day on the lake. During the years we had been to gated communities in Florida and loved the concept of these communities. Our goal was to retire on water but after my Dad’s death I realize we never know our time…so February 2003 we bought a lot in Candlewick and built our home. We still had to keep working, but we can enjoy the LIFE STYLE CANDLEWICK HAS TO OFFER NOW.
Why this community is Special.
1. The Lake. Fishing...Tubing…Water skiing…Swimming…Boating…Swans...Beautiful Sun Rises and Sun Sets
2. The Activities and Amenities…Fireworks and Bands…Kids Easter Egg Hunts…Breakfast with Santa...Kid’s Fishing contest…The Famous Volleyball Event…The Flames...The morning walker’s…Water Aerobics...Daycare..YMCA…Pool...tennis courts…
Parks... Playgrounds...Beaches…Golfing...Snow mobiling...Ice skating...Ice Hockey….
3. The Rec Center. What a great building with the multipurpose room, gym, workout room to exercise and restaurant. Beautiful Deck overlooking the lake
4. Security...Having the gates are a wonderful security to many of the Candlewick Residents for many of different reasons. At least we all get the opportunity, to provide public safety a list of people we would like to invite in or not... I love seeing public safety patrolling the parks and play grounds where our children play.
5. The dues of $754 and reserve fund $259 is a deal. This come to $2.78 a day per house holds. Now divide this for a family of 4=.695 Just look at what we get for the money.
6. To all of the Board Members and Candlewick Lake Committees, I would like to thank all of you for your time and energy you. Each one of you has a goal to address issues and better this community.
7. Special thanks to Tracy Carter and Our Board to have a budget that operates our community and all the amenities in the Black. All the surrounding cities Belvidere, Cherry Valley, Rockford are in the red. What does that tell you?
I’m excited for the future of Candlewick Lake. In the Candlewick Dues for 2010-2011 we will have free Golfing, Pool Passes, Boat and Snowmobile decals. This alone will be a huge marketing tool for realtors to selling our property. One new property owner shared with me, her summary of Candlewick Lake and why she bought here. Candlewick Lake is a Diamond in the Rough…..It’s a life style and that is why she left the city…. You’re a rich community in so many ways. I have friends that come out to visit and can’t believe their eyes. You don’t see bikes on the grass with a group of kids fishing in Rockford. You would never let your child play in the front yard with friends or walk to the pool. Riding bikes with friends, not a good idea in the city. At least we have an idea who is coming in our gates. There is never going to be a perfect community and there will always be room for improvements, but together as a community we can do that. If you would like to share your thoughts my e-mail is cindygenrich@yahoo.com.
Cindy Genrich

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Congratulations property owners!

Today (Sunday) at the annual meeting you sent in proxies and attended in large enough numbers to conduct the meeting and handle the issues at hand. 710 was the count, many more than necessary for a quorum.
Bonnie and Gary were seated as elected board members, unfortunately Kathy was unable to attend so she will be seated later. Jack Stoner, the board treasurer, has resigned so there will be a replacement needed for his position.
Almost all departments are coming in under budget so finances are ending the year better than anticipated although the numbers are not yet finalized. This is very good news and indicates the controls in place are holding. Nice work by all.
The dredging project is on track to start soon and monitoring the lake for quality and clarity will be continuing with the board seeking input from experts regarding algae control applications. More good work taking care of your lake.
Candlewick clean-up day is next Saturday (24th) but as Pam (board member) indicated, every day can be clean up day if we all pick up our yard and ditches by our home. Be sure to sign up to help Saturday if you have not already.
Neighborhood watch is making a difference. Should you like to join all you need to do is give your name and email address. Nothing else is necessary other than just on your own getting to know your neighbors, who belongs and who doesn't, and keeping an eye out for suspicious activity. You will receive email updates about what is happening in your community regarding the watch. Simple and effective. You should consider this.
Watch for information upcoming here about the activities starting Memorial Day. We will keep you posted on events you may want to attend.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A couple ideas

We all can think of ideas to improve our community. Recently a couple that have been mentioned are the possibility of having a fee-based area near maintenance for those who operate large trucks to park their vehicles when not on the road. They are not allowed to park in their driveways and this would be a possible solution that would cost the association nothing after the fees. (Bonnie M's idea)
Another idea is taking an area, possibly below the dam, and having maintenance turn the soil. Residents could stake out areas of limited size to use for their own garden spaces. Almost no cost to the association and a real benefit to residents.
How about a volunteer "teach the kids to fish" group that teaches kids who otherwise have no one to help them learn to fish. When kids learn the fun and skills involved as well as the pride in catching a meal for the family it could be a real benefit. Kids that are fishing are seldom causing problems. A good hobby that can turn into a life long activity and great memories of Candlewick, where they grew up.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meeting attendance

We would like to invite all readers to attend the annual meeting at the rec center Sunday April 18 at 1p.m. It would be a good idea to arrive early for registration so a quorum can be established. On the same vein, if you are unable to attend be sure to turn in your proxy to save your association the cost of another mailing to get the necessary number as well as a rescheduled meeting.
The regular board meeting is next Tuesday at seven p.m. There is always a half hour open discussion session starting at six thirty for property owner input. Should you have questions or issues you wish to bring up that is the time to air them. Join in and have your say before the meeting then stay to support our board.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A disappointing article

I noticed the article published in a local paper regarding the cancellation of the next CPAC "town hall" here at Candlewick. The article quoted an official of CPAC indicating they were postponing the meetings in light of the summit meetings currently being held to decide how residents will want to handle the newly incorporated city. Those of us who were invited to the meetings were assured it had nothing to do with incorporation but it was to be a way to heal the split in the community by bringing all factions together looking for common goals. The intent must have been misstated. This negates the reason for the summits and actually further splits the two sides.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our name says it all!

If this is your first visit to our site you are probably wondering what we are all about. We are a group of property owners who love our secure community lifestyle and wish to stay a gated home owners association. We intend to point out the good things our association has to offer and clear up some of misconceptions from the continuing actions of those wishing to incorporate our community.

Your public safety force is an asset through the deterrent provided with their patrols as well as their action of screening those wishing to enter our community through our gates. The last thing troublemakers want is to be looked at when they enter if they have access. We know complete security is never possible anywhere but our team gives the extra layer of protection we appreciate.

We like the atmosphere of folks waving at each other and knowing the neighbors rather than the "leave me alone" attitude prevalent in so many cities today. Our kids can feel safe riding their bikes to the parks to play or "hang out" without harm or fear of predators grabbing them and quickly leaving the area undetected. We know our neighbors and their kids, who belongs here and who is a stranger.

Your community has many volunteers, not only because of the helping spirit of our residents but also because we own our parks, buildings, lake..........all our assets. The volunteers want our area kept in shape not only in appearance but also in operations and finance and they are willing to spend the time necessary to get the job done. We appreciate and salute them all.

Your lake is one of the best fisheries in the area as well as a wonderful resource for boating, skiing, or just sitting on the shore in one of our many parks and enjoying the sunset views. Your lake is continually being monitored for quality by volunteers and issues are addressed to assure action as they develop. This spring we are undertaking necessary dredging to remove silt buildup and help with algae issues along with the continuing algae treatments as needed. Volunteers have a can collection program to aid in fish stocking cost. Thank you again, volunteers.

There are too many activities to mention all of them but think of the fireworks display, fishing tournaments, mud volleyball, concerts in the park, family movie nights, festivals, golf, tennis, basketball, walking groups, the workout room, the Dockside grill, the Flames group, and many more. Remember, you own all our association assets. Opening up our community would be like buying a home then leaving it unlocked for all to use at will.

Your limited access community has the effect of keeping traffic down as well as making the activities we choose to keep private much more accessible to our residents. Overcrowding is not a problem as can be witnessed in so many of the parks and facilities in cities. Lesser traffic also means less deterioration of our roadways which already are in need of repair.

Those wishing to convert to a city government have been putting a lot of negatives out there regarding our community. We want to be those pointing out the great things we have here. We don't need to be negative when there is so much good to say.

We hope you come back often to see what we have to report. The Pride will keep you up on important developments as well as correct things we feel are being misreported elsewhere.
Thanks for stopping in. See you again soon!