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Friday, September 30, 2011

Excerpt from CBC NEWS (Canada)

I must be missing something. Is Canada the problem? Maybe our government was confused and looked the wrong direction. Unbelievable. Read on….Ken Dillenburg

The United States is looking at building fences along the border with Canada to help keep out terrorists and other criminals.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency has proposed the use of "fencing and other barriers" on the 49th parallel to manage "trouble spots where passage of cross-border violators is difficult to control."

The border service is also pondering options including a beefed-up technological presence through increased use of radar, sensors, cameras, drones and vehicle scanners. In addition, it might continue to improve or expand customs facilities at ports of entry.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

An update on "Blast Emails"

I understand the office would prefer you simply send an email asking to be put on the blast email list. This makes more sense and is easier for you as well. Address below...

Ken Dillenburg

Thanks to Barb Appelhans for the heads up. be careful!

My next door neighbor Terry Johnson was just at my door to warn me, he had a Brown Recluse Spider bite him on the back of his leg while he sat at his computer. He has killed two others around his home but this one was IN his home.
He told me Pro Hardware sells home bombing bug killer. This is no joke and I’m sure this isn't a isolated case. I'm trying to inform not terrify you.
Barb Appelhans

A little more information..........

Brown Recluse Spiders can survive six months without food or water, hidden in their lairs during daytime and roaming at night.

This arachnid prefers undisturbed places, so the Brown Recluse Spider usually bites humans when it is caught between a part of the body and another surface, for example, when children are playing under house furniture such as beds and tables or in the garage. Bites also happen while a person who is sleeping suddenly rolls in a bed where the Brown Recluse Spider has climbed, or when dressing with clothes or shoes where the spider has hidden itself.

posted by Ken

"Blast" emails

I have occasionally mentioned blast emails when I publish notices here that have come from the office. Some may not know what I am talking about. A blast email is one that originates from the CWL office when a message needs to get to as many residents as possible on a timely basis. One good example of that is the public safety report I published here a couple days ago. Some of our readers may not be on the office blast email list. If you are not receiving the emails it may be worth a call to the office to give them your email address and ask to be put on the list. I don't post all the blasts on this site so it would be worth your while so you remain up to date with information.
Ken Dillenburg

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monday's board actions

The board workshop Monday ended with every board member in attendance agreeing with the CC&Rs rewrites as completed and all feel we need a big push to get these passed on the first ballot to avoid further costly mailings. These must be passed in order to be legally in compliance and there should be no controversy since other hoped for changes will be on a separate ballot for the consideration of the P.O.s. You will be hearing a lot about these documents in the coming weeks.
Next came the special meeting where your board passed the resolution that was tabled during the prior board meeting allowing the expenditure for renting the equipment and purchasing materials for hot crack filling to maintain your roads.

Ken Dillenburg

Electronics recycling day