Mission Statement..We will work to preserve and enhance our way of life through our homeowners association and provide information to the property owners to accomplish that goal.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

End of summer party

Epic Electric
Heather and Bonnie Marron  

Kathi Smith with her son and granddaughter. 

George Chorvat, Gary Appelhans

Marion and Bruce Benson  

Jim Brefeld, Don Parisi 
Thanks to Barb Appelhans as usual for all the pictures
Wait a minute! Officer Tom wasn't there!
I know the arrangement is a little strange. I had problems getting the pics to post correctly. I now know why I didn't get into technology as a profession!   Ken

Sunday thoughts......

Story from a Christian magazine.
A young boy and his father were hiking through the woods, following a soft, grassy path along a stream.  Walking hand in hand with his dad, the boy was content. There was always something interesting to see, and the sound of the stream and the birds combined to form a beautiful song.   But then his father turned and took a path that led into rough hills. "This isn't any fun, Dad.  Let's go back to the stream," the boy said. "I'm sorry," the father replied. "This is the only way homeBesides, it's good to get some hard exercise every now and then. You'll see. It'll be okay."
Like the boy walking with his father, it can be hard at times for us to understand the ways of God. We've all had to walk unpleasant paths, wondering why God would let certain things happen. We can all relate in one way or another to Job's (pronounced with a long o)
litany of complaints against the path God had set out for him.  Job simply couldn't see God's wisdom behind all the calamity and suffering visited upon him, and in frustration he railed against the unfairness of life.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

By the way

Fran and I took a short trip to Northern Wisconsin so I am a little behind in picture posts. You will be bombarded until I catch up.   Ken

The old carpet really looked ratty!

This is the new tile in the Dockside Grill. The carpeting was worn and dirty looking. This not only freshens up the appearance but it will also be much easier to keep clean. Thanks to Barb Appelhans for the picture.
posted by Ken

Bob's big bass...that is one huge Smallmouth!

Bob McHoes  caught and released this 18 1/2" Smallmouth Bass Tuesday September 25,2012 at Candlewick Lake.

Thanks to Barb Appelhans for the pictures.   Ken

A thank you to Dave Syverson

I stopped by the Senior Expo to thank Senator Dave Syverson for his help not only for speaking on our behalf at the Aqua hearing but also for his help in passing Public Act 97-1090 which addressed the association incorporation issue. His help is appreciated and he will have my vote in the November election. He had this picture taken I would assume to scare away crows from his garden.  Thanks Dave.

Friday, September 28, 2012

My take on Chamber membership

First I want to say this is my opinion only and some good people disagree with my stand. That being said, we have in the past been a member of the Belvidere Chamber of Commerce. Recently we received the statement for the upcoming year. It is for $275.00. I say let it go.
This topic was discussed during the last board meeting and there was of course disagreement about whether to remain a member. Finally the G.M. said he would ask the Chamber director to come and explain the benefits to us at the next board meeting. That is not going to happen. The director agreed to meet available board members for lunch at the dockside. I, as well as some other board members, are unable to or will not attend.
Here is my feeling on this issue. All board members receive emails from the Chamber about upcoming events. After reading these for a couple months I directed them to the spam file and never read them. I asked the other board members if they read them. As I recall one reads them, one doesn’t even get them, and the others also do not read them. Believe me board members have enough Candlewick meetings without attending Chamber meetings as well. I would be amazed if any prospective property owner would decide against moving here because we are not a member of the Belvidere Chamber.
I believe to spend the hard earned money of our property owners there needs to be a shown benefit to the P.O.s. I can find no instance where Chamber membership has benefited us in any way other than if we want to be able to say we are a member. The comment was made that possibly we could use them to publicize our events in the future. Well, why not in the past? We have received no benefit from membership and most of our events are closed to the public anyway.
The argument will be made that even though we are not “commerce” (or a business) we still should join because organizations such as the United Way are members. So what? They are wrong to spend their donations for membership as well. Is this why you donate to the United Way? We are prohibited from making donations by our rules. This to me is nothing more than a donation. If the other board members are determined to spend the $275 let’s use it for a program for the kids or more plantings for lake quality or toward the upgrading of the tornado siren that we had to do recently.
This is your money folks. I have just given you the “skinny” on my stand. Anyone who wishes to take the other side please email your comments to me and as long as it is a true argument on the other side of the issue I will post it. Show me I am wrong.
Ken Dillenburg

Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's getting close!

You are invited to attend Styling for Pink 2012
A Making Strides against Breast Cancer Fundraiser.

October 7, 2012
Cliffbreakers Riverside Resort
700 Riverside Blvd.
Rockford, Il 61103

Raffle Prizes include:

$500 Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring from Busch Jewelers
Pink Laptop sponsored by Heritage Woods of Rockford
Women’s Pink Schwinn Bike sponsored by Title Underwriters
“50 Shades of Pink” Chicago Marriott Weekend
And more surprises to come!

A silent auction, door prizes, luncheon,
guest speakers, style show by That Boutique
 and surprise entertainment.

Doors Open at 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Lunch served at 12:30 pm
Tickets $32.00 each or $300.00 for a table of ten
Tickets Sold at
 Merle Norman, 6128 E Riverside, Loves Park Il
Heritage Woods Salon, 202 N. Show Place Drive, Rockford, IL 61107
Cindy Genrich  815. 332.3710 or 815.222.5187
e-mail stylingforpink@yahoo.com

Remember being in high school?

There is no way I could have survived afternoons on this menu. I believe if the White House and Congress think this is sufficient they should have to eat accordingly. Remember, this is now law and as usual congress will not be affected by their vote. Folks of that age need fewer calories than high schoolers. Unsustainable spending, no budget, and they have time for this? Read on.....
Ken Dillenburg

Under the new regulations, cafeterias are required to serve twice as many fruits and vegetables while limiting proteins and carbohydrates. For an average high school student, that means two baked fish nuggets, a cup of vegetables, half a cup of mashed potatoes, one whole grain roll and 8 ounces of fat free milk is the fuel that served to get them through their last four hours of classes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Even out east

This is the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool in Washington D.C.  Look in the foreground. Kind of looks like our fingers did a while back. I didn't know they had the same situation out east. Thank you Paul Folster for sending the picture.

Boats on lifts

 More than one person has mentioned to me another problem brought on by the hot summer and drought. When their boat is being lowered on the lift to remove it the boat doesn't touch the water and they can't get the boat off the lift. Both the boat and lift need to be out of the lake for the winter or the ice will ruin them. Any ideas from readers will be welcomed. I will pass them along here if any are submitted.
Thanks, Ken

Indian Summer

Yesterday, September 25th, we here in the Stateline enjoyed a true Indian Summer. The first part of an Indian Summer officially occurs after the first freeze of the autumn, which occurred Sunday morning when the temperature dropped to 31 degrees Fahrenheit and the second part is when the daytime temperatures reach at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which it did at 3:45pm yesterday. The actual temperature at that time was 81 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not often we get to enjoy such a day, so get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather because we all know it won’t last long.
Bonnie Marron

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wounded Warrior Tournament


In memory of Iraq Veteran, James Gosnell Catch and Release Bass Tournament
Entry Fee: $50.00 per team. 50% pay out to teams 50% donated to the
Wounded Warriors Foundation
Optional Big Bass Pot Fee: $20 with 100% pay out
Cash only morning of tournament – Oct 13th @ 6:15 AM
Pro Hardware, Bass Pro Shops, Marathon Gas and Pacemaker are donating raffled items after 1pm weigh-in for all Candlewick resident’s
The intent of this year’s tournament is to recruit Candlewick resident fishermen with boats to participate in next year’s event where they would partner with a Wounded Warrior during the fish tournament.
Wounded Warrior fishing tournaments are popular in other states, and we would like to show our support and appreciation for the veterans as well. If you are an inexperienced bass fisherman with a boat, and want to participate, we will show you some techniques and locations to catch fish. You need a working live well or a cooler with a battery operated pump. This is a great opportunity to give back and have fun at the same time.
The same rules apply for this tournament as the annual Candlewick bass tournament. Residents and guest of Candlewick are encouraged to come down to the weigh-in behind the Rec center. We will have a raffle of gift certificates from above sponsors after the 1pm weigh in. Donations would be appreciated for the Wounded Warriors Organization.
All cash from tournament and raffles will be counted out in public. I will write a check for the wounded warriors representative.Any questions please contact Chuck Hart at bassmaster1211@gmail.com or 815-520-1796 <’)))><
Effective this year non-resident boats are not allowed on Candlewick

I mentioned my coverage cuts and premium increase a couple weeks ago

From Investors Business Daily

ObamaCare imposes major cuts on the popular Medicare Advantage program, and while the Obama administration has largely delayed them until after the election, enrollees will lose an average $515 in benefits in 2013, according to an IBD analysis.
Some 14.4 million people are expected to enroll in Medicare Advantage in 2013, up from 13.1 million this year, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said Wednesday. Advantage plans are run by private firms, providing more benefits at a somewhat higher cost — usually 13% to 17% — to the government than traditional Medicare.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Finally some better news about the lake!

Lake Re-Opening Effective 9-25-12

The most recent water testing results show a significant reduction in the level of toxicity from blue green algae in the lake.  Although the current levels may still pose a potential health risk for some individuals, the Board has agreed to re-open the lake for resident usage with the following restrictions and precautionary warnings.

·       Use of the lake is at your own risk. 
·       Do not consume or come in direct contact with the lake water. If you do come in contact with the lake water, rinse or wash those areas with clean water as soon as possible.
·       Children and animals still pose a greater health risk than adults.
·       Water activities are restricted to boating and fishing.
·       Fishing is on a “Catch and Release” basis.
·       No swimming, water skiing, tubing or use of personal watercraft (jet skis or similar types of watercraft).
·       Avoid boating and fishing in areas where blue green algae is visually present.  This may change from day to day but will likely occur in bays depending on weather conditions.
·       Please adhere to all warnings or directions given by Lake Patrol personnel.


Weekly Public Safety report

Important Candlewick Lake Information

Candlewick Lake Public Safety

Week ending 09/23/2012
Rescue Calls
Public Safety responded to the 100 block of Poseidon for a subject having trouble breathing and vomiting.  Public Safety remained until the subject was transported for treatment.
Public Safety responded to the 700 block of Candlewick Dr. for a subject who jumped out of a moving vehicle.  Public Safety assisted the Sheriff’s Department and the matter is under investigation.
Public safety responded to the 1600 block of Candlewick Dr. for a CO2 detector going off.  Public Safety advised subject to exit the residence until Fire/ Rescue arrived.

Public Safety responded to the 200 Block of Liverpool for theft of solar lights.
Public Safety responded to the 100 block of King Henry for a report of stolen solar lights.
Public Safety responded to the 200 block of Picadilly for a report of stolen yard lights.
Public Safety responded to 300 block of Pembroke for a report of a theft from a residence.  The matter was subsequently turned over to the Sheriff’s Department.
Public Safety responded to the 100 block of Staffordshire for a report of a theft from vehicle.
Public Safety responded to the 600 block of Candlewick Dr. for a report of a subject stealing items from a porch.
Public Safety responded to the 100 block of Galleon Run for a report of a theft from vehicle.
Public Safety responded to the 100 block of Rochester for a report of a vehicle that had gasoline siphoned from it.
The thefts are under investigation with suspects being identified by Public Safety and the Sheriff’s Department

Damaged Property
Public safety responded to the 100 block of Liverpool for a report of a vehicle damaged with a can of paint being poured onto it.
Public Safety responded to the 100 block of Galleon Run for a report of a vehicle vandalized.
Public Safety responded to the 100 block of Chatham for a report of a vehicle with a broken window.

Public safety responded to the 1500 block of Candlewick Dr. for a report of a fight in progress.  The matter was turned over to the Sheriff’s Department.

The fire department will be doing a controlled burn Sept. 25th at Friendship Park.

Citations issued 6
Warnings issued 13

We thank you for taking the time to read these important updates.
Being informed is half the battle.  

Controlled burn tomorrow (Tuesday)

 This burn is in part to kill some of the non-native species so we can start some different plants that will filter the water better. The burn will be at Friendship Park starting at 7 P.M. and will be handled by the fire department for safety.  
Ken Dillenburg

“Why me?”……… Never!

It seems appropriate today to recognize the person I admire most in the world. She has never seen the stars, never driven a car, and never been able to see the faces of any of her great grandchildren.
What she has done is raised three sons and done it well. She has set an example for her grandchildren and many others, showing almost anything can be achieved with the proper mindset. Her intelligence and memory are unquestioned. She cooks, maintains a spotless home, does the laundry, irons, and much more. She has for years been a solid Christian. She loves to fish and is shockingly good at it. Listening to the wind in the pines in Northern Wisconsin as well as sensing the hills and listening to the cattle mooing in Southwestern Iowa are her favorite things on short trips. All this and a great sense of humor to go with it.
Not once have I heard her ask why this had to happen to her. She senses “sees” things most of us would overlook. Her determination that this challenge will never get her down plus her just plain “guts” makes this woman someone I am so lucky to have at my side. She will never read this or probably even know it is written. That’s O.K.

Happy Birthday Fran.  Love, Ken

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Anglers strike again!

Hi all,
It's been awhile.
The September Meeting is Thursday the 27th, at 6:30 pm in the rec ctr meeting room.
We will be doing a   FLY TYING  demonstration, as well as showing you how to rig a fly rod and also how to use them on a spinning rod.
Hope to see ya there.   Tom Pinkowski Sr.
( posted by Ken )

Your Sunday Smile......

Poor Sick Boy

Marty, a little boy, was in church one Sunday with his mother Doris, when he started feeling sick.
'Mummy,' he inquired, 'can we leave now?' 
'No,' his mother replied, 'the service isn't over yet.'
'Well, I think I'm about to throw up.' Marty announced. 
'Then go out of the front door and around to the back of the church and throw up behind a bush.' said Doris.
After about sixty seconds, Marty returned to his pew, alongside his mother.
'Did you throw up?' Marty's Mum asked quietly. 
'Yes,' Marty answered, embarrassed.
'How could you have gone all the way to the back of the church and returned so quickly?' Doris demanded.
'I didn't have to go out of the church, Mummy. They have a box next to the front door that says, "For the Sick" '.
(posted by Ken)

The transformation

This seems like an appropriate Sunday post. We attended a birthday party for Fran’s 95 year old Dad Saturday. A lot of the family and friends were there including one of our newest great grandkids.
As Fran held the little three month old guy I watched her suddenly go back about 45 years to the time she was a new mom. Her cheek went down to gently rest against the side of the boys head as her left hand stroked his leg softly. She began talking to him in a very smooth, almost silent voice. He completely relaxed and soon he was also “talking” to her in the language only babies and moms understand.
The connection was made and I knew it would be some time before she would let go of the child. How can anyone doubt the existence of God when you see such a connection and transformation? It is truly an amazing thing to behold.
Ken Dillenburg

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Newton’s law

Sir Issac Newton brought forth the natural law “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” This doesn’t simply relate to physical properties but also to emotional situations. It would behoove the Naysayers to heed this law.
There is always the chance they may someday come up with an idea that actually makes sense but they are starting from behind due to their conduct. I will be the first to admit I completely dismiss almost all their ideas simply because of actions such as calling and screaming then hanging up or as evidenced at the last board meeting, coming to the front table and tearing up paper then throwing it on the table in front of a board member (not me) showing disgust and disrespect. How are we to take these people seriously with such conduct?
How would you react to proposals and demands they make? Are these actions of rational, clear thinking people? I know the Naysayers read this site because they constantly refer to it during meetings. Think about it guys, try a little decorum and see how things might change. I doubt this is the way you were brought up.
Ken Dillenburg

Friday, September 21, 2012

A comment at the end of the board meeting

A situation has bothered me for a while and I intend to try to remedy it. This seemed like an appropriate time to bring it up since I have no idea who plans to run for the board. I told the board members during the election of officers as the new board is seated there is only one person nominated for each office. This makes it not an election, but an appointment. My intention is to be sure at least two members are nominated for each office, making it an actual election. I also stated it makes absolutely no difference to me if I am nominated for anything at all. If I should be nominated I will be sure there is someone else nominated also even if I have to do so myself.
I intended to bring this up during any lull in the P.O. comment time during the meeting. There was no time but I want all to know my thoughts. I heard no disagreement from the board when I brought this up.

Ken Dillenburg

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A great cause!

You are invited to attend Styling for Pink 2012
A Making Strides against Breast Cancer Fundraiser.

October 7, 2012
Cliffbreakers Riverside Resort
700 Riverside Blvd.
Rockford, Il 61103

Raffle Prizes include:

$500 Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring from Busch Jewelers
Pink Laptop sponsored by Heritage Woods of Rockford
Women’s Pink Schwinn Bike sponsored by Title Underwriters
“50 Shades of Pink” Chicago Marriott Weekend
And more surprises to come!

A silent auction, door prizes, luncheon,
guest speakers, style show by That Boutique
 and surprise entertainment.

Doors Open at 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Lunch served at 12:30 pm
Tickets $32.00 each or $300.00 for a table of ten
Tickets Sold at
 Merle Norman, 6128 E Riverside, Loves Park Il
Heritage Woods Salon, 202 N. Show Place Drive, Rockford, IL 61107
Cindy Genrich  815. 332.3710 or 815.222.5187
e-mail stylingforpink@yahoo.com

Boat removal


The lake remains closed to all boating activities.  If you are removing your boat for the season, please do so with caution.  Please operate at a no wake speed.

Due to the low lake level, the recommended boat ramps to use are either Castaway or the Rec. Center Marina.  The water is very shallow at Highland Valley and Friendship Park.

It is important to consider the vehicle that you will use when pulling your boat out of the water.  Because of the low lake level, you will be going in further than normal.  The ramps will also be slippery.  We do not want anyone getting stuck.  Due to liability reasons, our Maintenance Department will not be allowed to pull you out.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday night board meeting

Our meeting was attended by a reporter from a local paper. I would assume this was mainly to acquire information regarding our lake condition, which was of course a major discussion during the open mic portion of the meeting. The possibilities for remediation of our lake going forward were discussed but they were the same subjects we have discussed here in the past so I will not waste your time repeating them. As expected the Naysayers were sure the lake problem is due to board negligence. I can only assume they believe we should have consulted the weather Gods to demand more rain and less heat during this record breaking year and of course every other lake in trouble this year should have done the same. Same old story, everything is wrong and unfair to those few.
It was nice to see Rich Witt comment on the good people of Candlewick, mentioning one in particular who showed up at 6 a.m. one morning riding a bike with a snow shovel across the handle bars to help clean up the goose poop so another person doing the same could get done early and go to another event.
Dominic DeMay came to the mic for the sole purpose of complimenting the board on the good work being done, the way the money is being handled, and the long hours the board puts in on the job. It is nice to hear positive comments occasionally, especially with the media present, and I thank both he and Rich. It will be interesting to see the slant given by the reporter in his piece. Remember the old saying.....”if it bleeds it leads.”
Barb McDermott spoke regarding a citation she was given for something a contractor had done. She felt it was unfair. The matter was to be discussed in executive session.
The Naysayers of course once again repeated the same old complaints of unfairness, even admitting the questions were the same as usual but they didn't feel they had been answered adequately. That is their right to believe as they wish but one of them became so loud and offensive he was told if it continued he would be asked to leave. After the meeting I asked one of them if he would be helping with the leaf clean up and get a little dirt under his nails. To my shock (not) he said he was too busy. As I asked the question he was too busy tearing up a paper and tossing it on the table in front of Bonnie for her to clean up, indicating this is what he thought of a response he had been emailed. Classy.
Now on to the regular meeting........
Gaydeane, Faggestead, our accounting manager, was given a five year employee award.
Jeff, our treasurer gave the report indicating we are still very solvent and coming in around $40,000 under budget in the operating account for the fiscal year to date. He also unveiled a new form that will be published in the Candlewick paper showing in greater detail our financial position in different segments including comparisons to budget and actual. I think you will like this form produced by Gaydeane for you.
Don reported the ECC is looking for a new member as well as another alternate. It is a sad thing that Karen Pearson, a very good long time member, will be leaving due to a move to Florida. She is wished the best. Both she and her husband Dan have been very active in our community. Applications should go to Val Alt in the office. Applicants should have some knowledge of building.
Steve reported Lake Management is continuing the research into lake remediation as I mentioned before. Joe Rush (biologist) will be here again this week taking more lake samples for testing. Every time we do this it is costly but we must stay on top of lake conditions so we know when the toxins are at a safe level again so all can once again enjoy the lake. Steve also reported the leaf collection days this year will be October 27 and November 3 at the maintenance area. Volunteers are of course needed.
Karl reported on several new programs being put together for the enjoyment of all ages. There are too many to list here but announcements of each will be forthcoming here as well as in e-blasts plus our paper so stay tuned. Just a few are ballroom dancing, 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, zumba, senior exercise, and mom and me time. In the future plans are to consider snowman building contests, ping pong, painting, studio time,and various sports instruction. This will be one busy rec center!
I reported the road project that was contracted to Rabine is now finished with our guys working on shouldering. Rabine has been paid for the originally contracted work. I won't go into the details of my report because I have already covered it here. This will be my last formal roads report until spring when the process starts again. I made the motion, which passed unanimously, to make the Roads ADHOC into a standing commission due to the continuing project. I hope to retain all the talent we currently have involved for a smooth continuation of the yearly project of road maintenance.
Chuck reported on the golf commission meeting in which discussion included the idea of pumping water into the adjacent sedimentation pond then from there pumped into the sprinklers for the golf course the improve the water quality for the course. This is standard procedure for many courses. He also reported the new tapper is in for draft beer and the T.V.s now are HD for better viewing of football. This was accomplished at not cost.
Bad debt was written off in the amount of $5,350.49 due to 4 foreclosures, 1 chapter 7, and 1 move out without contact. Our tornado sirens have to be upgraded at a cost of $3,500.00 and our office software is not compatible and is not communicating so it must be replaced at a cost of $493.49.
As always, this is simply my report from meeting notes and is not the official minutes. Be sure to read the complete report in the Candlewick newspaper.

Ken Dillenburg

Saturday's last warm blast! (if it gets warm)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tonight's Board of Directors meeting agenda

This document didn't scan well so please excuse any errors I missed in spelling.  Ken

September 18,2012
6:30 P.M.
Please turn offlsilence cell phones and pagers, etc. during the meeting)
(30 minutes)
MINUTES - Regular Board of Director Meeting Minutes of 08 21,2012 (2 minutes)
Special Board of Directors Meeting Minutes of September 6,2012 (2minutes)
2. Citation Review Hearing Report - Sepember 8,2012 (1 minutes)l. General Manager's Report - September 2012 (2 minutes)
3. Other:
A. Maintenance Report - Open Work Order Report - Project Progress Report (2 minutes)
B.Building Department Citation/Warning Report_August2012 (2minutes)
C. Public Safety Report - August 2012 (2 minutes)
D. Savannah Oaks Golf Course Update - (2 minutes)
l. Financial - Jeff Lutzow (5 minutes)
2. ECC - Don Parisi -August 15,2012 Meeting Minutes (5 minutes)
3. Lake Management - Steve Lambright - Meeting Minutes of August 14 , 2012 (5 minutes)
4. Road Construction Plan (ADHOC) - Ken Dillenburg (5 minutes)
5. Recreation-Karl Steiskal (5 minutes)
6. Legal - Bonnie Marron (5 minutes)
7. Golf Course - Chuck Corso (5 minutes)
1. Lot Purchases - Update (3 minutes)
2. Aggressive Dogs - Banning - Update (3 minutes)
l. Bad Debt Write-Off (5 minutes)
2. Resolution 12-R-35 - Narrow Banding of Tornado Sirens (5 minutes)
3. Resolution 12-R-36 - Microsoft Offrce 2010 Suite (5 minutes)
4. Resolution l2-R-37 - Recreation Programs (5 minutes)
5. Belvidere Chamber of Commerce (5 minutes)
1. Appeal Requests
2. Delinquency

Monday, September 17, 2012

Your weekly Public Safety report

Candlewick Lake Public Safety

Week Ending 09/16/2012

Rescue Calls
Public safety responded to the 100 block of Candlewick Dr. for a report of a subject with severe stomach pains and vomiting.  Public Safety assisted until rescue responders arrived.
Public Safety responded to the 30 block of King Henry for possible alcohol poisoning. Public Safety assisted until rescue responders arrived.
Public Safety responded to the 800 block of Marquette for a subject having trouble breathing and pacemaker not working.  Public Safety assisted until rescue responders arrived.
Public Safety responded to the 700 block of Marquette for a report of a subject in intense pain. Public Safety assisted until rescue responders arrived.
Public Safety responded to the 400 block of Pembroke for a report of a subject with severe stomach pains.  Public Safety assisted until rescue responders arrived.

Found Property
Public Safety recovered a bicycle outside the South Gate.  Anyone missing a bicycle is encouraged to contact Public Safety.

Missing Person(s)
Public safety responded to a call of a missing 2yr old in the 100 block of Spinacre and located her in the 100 block of Bounty.

Dog Bite
Public Safety responded to a call of a dog bite in the 100 Galleon.  The matter is under investigation.

Suspicious Incidents
Public Safety responded to a call of a suspicious person in the 200 block of Candlewick Dr.  The subject fled at a high rate of speed in a vehicle and citations are forthcoming.
Public Safety responded to a report of a possible burglary in the 500 block of Bounty.  The call was determined to be unfounded.
Public Safety responded to a possible prowler call in the 1500 block of Candlewick Dr.  Upon arrival no one was in the area.

Citations 7
Warnings 5

We thank you for taking the time to read these important updates.
Being informed is half the battle.  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Men's night out....

Kirk Hollembeak 1st place winner.

Men's night out ended Sep. 13th with Kirk Hollembeak winning it for the 3rd. year in a row. Kirk will have his name once again added to the Winners list on the Men's night out tournament Golf plaque displayed at Savanna Oaks.
Thanks to Barb Appelhans for the pictures

Sunday thoughts from Karen Bonnell

During a particularly “changed-filled” time, a mentor explained that I was about to experience life as if shooting the rapids. “Don’t grab on,” he warned, “just go with the flow….you’ll land in a calm pool when it’s over.” We have lots of ways of experiencing the flow. Sometimes it’s ‘getting lost’ in a project/experience and feeling like everything is in sync. Other times, going with the flow may require relinquishing plans, goals, hopes…in exchange for grace and surrender to whatever the Universe has in store for us today.
The ‘flow’ may take the form of waterfalls (cleansing, release – sometimes overwhelming, sometimes refreshing — always healing), running rivers (everything from ambling to shooting the rapids), gentle creeks. Tapping into your own flow…and allowing the current of life to buoy and bathe you is part of nature’s gift.
In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time. 
(Leonardo Da Vinci)

(Posted by Ken)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I have to tell you this

 I was in Barnes & Noble this morning wearing my blue Candlewick shirt that has the anchor, lifesaving ring, and rope on it as an insignia. A guy came up and thanked me for my service to our country thinking I am in the Navy. No kidding. I hadn't thought how much these blue and white shirts look like Navy issue. I had a smile then corrected him but thanked him for the thought.  Ken

What's with the gravel?

Some of you may remember me discussing using millings from our road project as material for the shoulder work. It is being used in many areas including county roads as the shouldering material. It is cheaper since it is already on site plus it supposedly sets up and stays in place better than gravel.
We have not been thrilled with the product and it seems gravel actually compacts better. Our new maintenance manager (Jeff) has road experience and says there are some questions about the use of millings so we are going with gravel, the old standby, for our work.
You have undoubtedly noticed our guys out there with the new tractor doing what looks like a nice job on the shoulders. All road shouldering will not be finished this year but they are being worked on to provide the drainage necessary to avoid road damage as much as possible during the freeze/thaw cycles. The job continues.
Ken Dillenburg

Friday, September 14, 2012

Gaining on it but still not good..update

The results of the last lake test samples have come in and the lake is still too high in Algae toxin to be safe. Testing will continue and it shouldn't be much longer barring something unforseen. We are gaining on the problem.
Ken Dillenburg

The tea bag analogy

I was sitting in Barnes & Noble Wednesday morning after the Lake Management meeting Tuesday evening and a thought hit me. During the meeting I was trying to get the point across that even though an alum treatment is only in the deeper water in my opinion it still affects the entire lake. Charlie Sewell was there and agreed with me that the last treatment cleared the bays and fingers as well as the deep water. I tried (poorly) to explain the idea that although the alum is not used in the shallow water the suspended phosphorus that is left in the shallow areas will gravitate to the entire lake, thus diluting the loading everywhere. It is like trying to dehumidify a single room in your house. Humidity will still enter from other rooms and the dryer air will not be concentrated.
Anyway, back on topic. As I watched the dark liquid from the tea bag move to darken all the water in the cup it was the same general idea. Removing the phosphorus doesn't create a vacuum as such but the void does fill and dilute much as if I were to pour my cup of tea into a gallon of water. The color and density would be diluted to a great degree. Same principal.
When I try to write this stuff I find I am really terrible at expressing my thoughts well. Bear with me.
Ken Dillenburg