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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Newton’s law

Sir Issac Newton brought forth the natural law “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” This doesn’t simply relate to physical properties but also to emotional situations. It would behoove the Naysayers to heed this law.
There is always the chance they may someday come up with an idea that actually makes sense but they are starting from behind due to their conduct. I will be the first to admit I completely dismiss almost all their ideas simply because of actions such as calling and screaming then hanging up or as evidenced at the last board meeting, coming to the front table and tearing up paper then throwing it on the table in front of a board member (not me) showing disgust and disrespect. How are we to take these people seriously with such conduct?
How would you react to proposals and demands they make? Are these actions of rational, clear thinking people? I know the Naysayers read this site because they constantly refer to it during meetings. Think about it guys, try a little decorum and see how things might change. I doubt this is the way you were brought up.
Ken Dillenburg