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Friday, September 14, 2012

The tea bag analogy

I was sitting in Barnes & Noble Wednesday morning after the Lake Management meeting Tuesday evening and a thought hit me. During the meeting I was trying to get the point across that even though an alum treatment is only in the deeper water in my opinion it still affects the entire lake. Charlie Sewell was there and agreed with me that the last treatment cleared the bays and fingers as well as the deep water. I tried (poorly) to explain the idea that although the alum is not used in the shallow water the suspended phosphorus that is left in the shallow areas will gravitate to the entire lake, thus diluting the loading everywhere. It is like trying to dehumidify a single room in your house. Humidity will still enter from other rooms and the dryer air will not be concentrated.
Anyway, back on topic. As I watched the dark liquid from the tea bag move to darken all the water in the cup it was the same general idea. Removing the phosphorus doesn't create a vacuum as such but the void does fill and dilute much as if I were to pour my cup of tea into a gallon of water. The color and density would be diluted to a great degree. Same principal.
When I try to write this stuff I find I am really terrible at expressing my thoughts well. Bear with me.
Ken Dillenburg