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Saturday, September 15, 2012

What's with the gravel?

Some of you may remember me discussing using millings from our road project as material for the shoulder work. It is being used in many areas including county roads as the shouldering material. It is cheaper since it is already on site plus it supposedly sets up and stays in place better than gravel.
We have not been thrilled with the product and it seems gravel actually compacts better. Our new maintenance manager (Jeff) has road experience and says there are some questions about the use of millings so we are going with gravel, the old standby, for our work.
You have undoubtedly noticed our guys out there with the new tractor doing what looks like a nice job on the shoulders. All road shouldering will not be finished this year but they are being worked on to provide the drainage necessary to avoid road damage as much as possible during the freeze/thaw cycles. The job continues.
Ken Dillenburg