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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday thoughts......

Story from a Christian magazine.
A young boy and his father were hiking through the woods, following a soft, grassy path along a stream.  Walking hand in hand with his dad, the boy was content. There was always something interesting to see, and the sound of the stream and the birds combined to form a beautiful song.   But then his father turned and took a path that led into rough hills. "This isn't any fun, Dad.  Let's go back to the stream," the boy said. "I'm sorry," the father replied. "This is the only way homeBesides, it's good to get some hard exercise every now and then. You'll see. It'll be okay."
Like the boy walking with his father, it can be hard at times for us to understand the ways of God. We've all had to walk unpleasant paths, wondering why God would let certain things happen. We can all relate in one way or another to Job's (pronounced with a long o)
litany of complaints against the path God had set out for him.  Job simply couldn't see God's wisdom behind all the calamity and suffering visited upon him, and in frustration he railed against the unfairness of life.