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Saturday, September 1, 2012

A submission from a reader

Just a quick note. I just got done reading the article you posted about alum. Once again I'd like to say excellent job explaining things to all of us residents. Just wanted to give you another way of explaining the treatment that some people may be better able to understand. My wife and I had an above ground pool for over 20 years. With a swimming pool if you fail thoroughly shock the pool at the end of the season, (kill all algae and contaminants before closing and covering)
or, wait too long to uncover and open it in the spring you may find yourself with a pool full of "pea soup". You then must use a flocing sp? agent to kill the algae. after pouring the floc into the pool and circulating it with the pump you turn the pump off and allow the sediment to settle to the bottom. You then vacuum the pool being sure to set the pump to "waste" to pump all of the sediment out of the pool without running it through the filter. It always kind of amazed me how much sediment would be at the bottom. I am sure the product they would use in the lake is much stronger than you would use in a pool but the principle is the same. It works. Only in the lake it simply settles to the bottom. Anyway, anyone who has ever had a pool will be able to understand what you are talking about.