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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The transformation

This seems like an appropriate Sunday post. We attended a birthday party for Fran’s 95 year old Dad Saturday. A lot of the family and friends were there including one of our newest great grandkids.
As Fran held the little three month old guy I watched her suddenly go back about 45 years to the time she was a new mom. Her cheek went down to gently rest against the side of the boys head as her left hand stroked his leg softly. She began talking to him in a very smooth, almost silent voice. He completely relaxed and soon he was also “talking” to her in the language only babies and moms understand.
The connection was made and I knew it would be some time before she would let go of the child. How can anyone doubt the existence of God when you see such a connection and transformation? It is truly an amazing thing to behold.
Ken Dillenburg