Mission Statement..We will work to preserve and enhance our way of life through our homeowners association and provide information to the property owners to accomplish that goal.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just click on the link below to view the new site.   Ken


O.K., so here’s the thing………..

The Candlewick Pride was formed originally with the purpose of stopping the push to incorporate our community and to support our association. We have been true to our goals.
During last week’s Pride meeting part of the discussion revolved around something that has been bothering me for a while and I found others share my concern. We are no different than any other group in the fact we do not always agree on all issues, much as the Candlewick Board does not always agree. In both cases the goal understood by all is the betterment of the community but the action specifics are at times different.
I have written here for a long time and I have tried to make it clear my writing reflects my feelings only and not necessarily the opinion of the Pride as a whole. Same thing with the Candlewick Board. I can not speak for the board any more than I can for the Pride. So many people believe what I write is Pride consensus and that is not necessarily the case. I have mentioned this before but it doesn’t seem to stick.
This situation must be remedied and the only way to make the case is to change the name of the blog and start anew. I want to be able to relay my thoughts without repercussions to Pride members so I am going to start a new blog called the Candlewick View. The link in the post above will take you to the new site where I can share without worrying if I am putting other group members into an uncomfortable situation.
The Pride Group is as strong as ever but I feel this is necessary and it will also free me to be able to make points I have at times avoided in the past for the above stated reasons. I hope you will bookmark the new site for reference. Thank you so much for your readership here and I hope to meet you “on the other side”. See you there!    Ken

Monday, October 29, 2012

Savannah Oaks Halloween Party

 Shannon and Lisa Sullivan

Batman and Robin

 Melody and Chris

 Erin and Mark Helmer 

Mark in his normal work attire
 What a party!
 More great costumes!
 Rob and Joann Major

Popeye and Olive Oyl
 George Chorvat and Barb Appelhans

Who are you people????

By the way, thank you Barb for the great pictures.  Ken

2nd place The Village people

No comment necessary....

 1st place Ron Manliguis as Lady GA-GA

You need a little more on your head...

3rd. place Tim and Lisa Tekip as Packer Rat Trap and Rat

Not sure if this is pro-Packers or not!
Could be a Bears fake out.

(posted by Ken)

Weekly Public Safety report

Candlewick Lake Public Safety

Week ending 10/28/2012

Rescue Calls
Public Safety responded to the 600 block of Marquette for a subject with stomach pain.  The subject was subsequently transported for treatment.
Public Safety responded to the 700 block of Marquette for a subject suffering a possible stroke.  The subject was subsequently transported for treatment.
Public Safety responded to the 200 block of Candlewick Blvd. for a subject with severe back pain.  The subject was subsequently transported for treatment.
Public Safety responded to the 500 block of Pembroke for a subject with a fever.  The subject was transported for treatment.
Public Safety responded to the 1500 block of Candlewick Dr. for a subject having difficulty breathing.  The subject was subsequently transported for treatment.

Suspicious Activity
Public Safety responded to the 300 block of Candlewick Dr. Upon arrival the vehicle was gone from the area.
Public Safety responded to the 100 block of Hastings for a report of an open door to a vacant house.  The Sheriff’s Department was called, the building was checked and secured.
Public Safety responded to the 200 block of King Henry for a report of a subject attempting to break into a vacant house.  It was determined they were only looking at the property.
Public Safety responded to a call of a traffic crash in the 1600 block of Candlewick.  The subject attempted to flee but was subsequently apprehended by the Sheriff’s office with assistance from Public Safety.

Attempt to Locate
Public Safety responded to the 500 block of Pembroke for a report of a child who walked away from his residence after an argument.  The child later returned while Public Safety was there.

Noise Complaints
Public Safety responded to the 100 block of Heathcliff for a report of a noise complaint.  Public Safety warned the property owners and the music was turned down.
Public Safety responded to the 400 block of Staffordshire for a report of loud music.  Public Safety responded spoke to the property owner and the music was turned down.

Citations Issued 8
Warnings Issued 14

We thank you for taking the time to read these important updates.
Being informed is half the battle.  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Candlewick Halloween Party

 Gia Serio-6,Bella Bartolucci-6 and 4 year old Dale Worley the third line up for the judging.

 Abby Ryniec-10, Dylan Prete-9, Sean Ryniec-7, Ryan Brete-9

 Bella Bartolucci

 Marianycia Valencia   

 Averi Pieper     

 Emma Karl       

 Maghan Tryon     

 Blake Walters     

 Craft ladies Kristi Rydelski, Patricia Danieli       

 Desiree Datio guessed the correct weight of the pumpkin at 15 Lbs
 Jeanne Prete guessed 703 for the correct number of candy corn
 Chili cook off winners were Nancy and Dave Fisher pictured with Kathi Smith

Thanks to Barb Appelhans for the great pictures.
 Looks like there were some nice costumes and a lot of fun!

(posted by Ken)
Bobbie Drake paints Jayde Jinks face

Your Sunday smile

A woman went to the Post Office to buy stamps for her Christmas cards. "What denomination?" asked the clerk. "Oh, good heavens! Have we come to this?" said the woman. "Well, give me 50 Catholic and 50 Baptist ones." (Pastor Jim Patrick, Salt and Light, Indianola, IA)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Off topic Saturday

When I was a teen finding a job was more like picking what a person wanted to do. I was hired immediately when applying to my first two part time jobs and I was far from alone. All my friends also had no problem in that area. How times have changed and therein to a great degree lies an underlying problem.
Even a part time job teaches responsibility, customer interaction, money handling (in some jobs), prioritizing, and learning to handle one’s personal finances. Currently even part time jobs are so scarce teens are fortunate to find one. Where are these young folks going to find career paths or learn necessary skills?
My second part time job was in a supermarket and as it turned out retail was my occupation for almost all my working life. I didn’t go to college so had I not learned a field I have no idea where I would have ended up. Not all kids go to college. I worry for those now in the teen years.
How do we correct this? I have no idea.  Ken

Friday, October 26, 2012

Savannah Oaks notices

Fall stocking

Wednesday, October 31st will be our next fish stocking. If you want to watch it come to the marina by the rec center. They are to be here between 8 and 9 a.m.
Ken Dillenburg

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just a reminder of good family fun!

Still kickin' this around

 Our Tuesday evening special board meeting was held for the purpose of a presentation by our lake manager (Joe Rush) and Rebecca Olson regarding a grant opportunity for our lake. The grant is for over $80,000 of which we would need to match something like 40%, some of which could be covered by our volunteer labor.
  Some problems seem evident. The grant would be for nothing but planning, no actual physical benefit to our lake at this time. In order to apply for future grants for actual physical lake and watershed work there would be thousands more in grant writing fees. We also would have to pay the entire amount as it accrues then bill the Feds for reimbursement. None of this is budgeted and CICCA requires that certain unbudgeted expenditures must be paid through a special assessment to the P.O.s. To find out if we can even do this it will take a legal opinion that will also cost us (you). 
  Your board did not act on the proposal at the meeting, just too many facets to digest in a little over an hour. I told the presenters they could expect an answer by our next regular board meeting. They indicated it is possible we could lose the opportunity by then. I for one am willing to take that chance rather than jump into something like this blindly. I am but one person and one vote so the decision will be made by the entire board with input from the lake management commission.
  I will keep you advised as this develops.
Ken Dillenburg

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Savannah Oaks winter hours

New Clubhouse Hours
effective 11-5-12

Monday Closed - (will be open 11-19-12 for Monday night game. 6:00pm)

Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 5:00pm to 9:00pm
Friday 5:00pm to 12:00pm
Saturday 5:00pm to 12:00pm
Sunday 11:00a.m. to  9:00pm

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Leaf drop-off & Trick or Treat

 A busy weekend coming. I can't believe it will already be Candlewick's designated Trick or Treat date Sunday from two until six p.m. If it is like most years buy one heck of a lot of candy! Rules are the same as prior years. No candy = porch lights out.
 Saturday morning will be the leaf drop off (the first of two). Bring your leaves to maintenance starting at 9 (until noon) and the volunteers will dispose of them for you. I hope we see some new volunteer faces. This is a real convenience for our P.O.s. Thanks to Jim Brefeld and Ed Ferkel for heading this up.
Ken Dillenburg

Monday, October 22, 2012

Danger ahead (excerpt)

What Seniors Should Know About the Fiscal Cliff

Oct 21, 2012 - 8:48 AM by Sheryl Nance-Nash

On January 1, if Congress hasn't gotten its act together, the talk of the “fiscal cliff” becomes reality. It won't be pretty as federal spending falls and federal taxes rise. The impact will be gigantic – enough to send the country back intro recession so the thinking goes among many economists.
“The looming fiscal cliff would strain already-tight government revenues. In the long-run, this means that federal, state and local governments will need to find more ways to fund themselves. We all know what that means: increasing taxes and reducing benefits that will place a larger financial burden on working families, and particularly on retirees and those nearing retirement,” says Mitch Adel, a lawyer specializing in elder law and financial planner with Cooper Adel & Associates.
(posted by Ken)

Weekly Public Safety report

Candlewick Lake Public Safety

Week Ending 10/22/2012

Suspicious Incidents
Public Safety responded to a call of person(s) unknown setting wood within a fire pit ablaze overnight. There was no physical damage to any property other than the wood.
Public Safety responded to a call of Halloween decorations being tampered with. The vandals are unknown.
Public Safety responded to the 500 blk. of Lamplighter Loop for a report of vandalism to Halloween decorations.

Rescue Calls
Public Safety responded to the 100 blk. of Lamplighter Loop, a resident had slipped and fell backward. Due to prior back history, there was a great deal of pain. Capron rescue arrived to assist.
Public Safety responded to the 100 blk. of Rockaway for a resident suffering from Emphysema. Capron rescue transported the resident to the hospital.
Public Safety responded to the 1500 blk. of Candlewick Dr. for a resident having trouble breathing. The subject was going to be transported to the hospital by friends, but the Public Safety Officer convinced them to wait for Capron rescue who was enroute. Capron transported the resident safely to the hospital.

Missing Child
Public Safety responded to the 1200 blk. of Candlewick Dr. for the report of a missing child (teenager). Working with the Boone County Sheriff’s Officer, the Public Safety Officer was able to locate and speak with the missing youth via telephone. The youth promptly called home, assuring the parents he was fine.

Thefts/ Vandalism
Public Safety was able to clear several cases of thefts and vandalism in neighborhoods located in the northeast quadrant of Candlewick Lake. The offender was released to the parents.
Public Safety took a report of two (2) stop signs which had been vandalized: graffiti.

Criminal Trespass
Public Safety located several vehicles which had entered Candlewick Lake illegally and in violation of the CWL ordinance. They were asked to check in and abide by the rules.
Public Safety responded to a call of a possible residential break in located in the 200 blk. of King Henry. Upon arrival, the Public Safety Officer located and stopped the two (2) suspects. Further investigation revealed these were residents of CWL and were only looking at a house for sale. The Sheriff’s Department was summoned to confirm this story. This incident was initiated by a concerned neighbor who was watching out for suspicious activity in this neighborhood. Good Job!

Citations 15
Warnings 7

We thank you for taking the time to read these important updates.
Being informed is half the battle.  

Sunday, October 21, 2012