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Monday, October 1, 2012

Response from Pam Cangelosi regarding the Belvidere Chamber

Since I heard the lack of support on the vote to renew the membership with the Chamber of Commerce -- I felt that I needed to share the reasons why Candlewick Lake Association should continue to use this great tool to communicate within the county.

The Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce is not just for Belvidere but for the county and the Rockford area as well.

The Chamber offers many reasons for membership: Exposure - Free Employment Advertising on the Chamber Website - Show support in the Community - Advertising at Chamber Events --- these are just a few.

Their Mission:  the Mission of the Belvidere Area chamber of Commerce is to promote the growth and prosperity of our members and business community by providing a positive environment through a partnership with our volunteer, staff, business, education and government.  We strive to be the "Voice of Business" promoting the growth and prosperity of our members.

If you look at the cost per property owner it is only pennies - the benefit outweighs this cost.  In the past the chamber has supplied us with information packets to share with our new residents - this was when we held "New Neighbor" meet and greet meetings.

When you hold your next town meeting you could also share with the residents some of the things that are going on outside our gates.

I hope that you take another look at what the benefit of being a chamber member is and how it can be a positive working tool to be used.

Respectfully, Pam Cangelosi

Thank you Pam for allowing me to post this. You make some good points.  Ken Dillenburg