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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Synopsis of the latest Board meeting

I mentioned in the last post some of the open forum shenanigans so I will leave that out. Sandy Morse reported over 1000 pounds of produce went to the food pantry from the Candlewick community garden as well as several hundred pounds used in Candlewick. Next year they hope to have raised planting boxes. A lady commented on her disappointment with the board's decision as well as citation review to dismiss a citation she felt was invalid. Movable speed humps were discussed and it was reported those are being investigated along with other speed control possibilities.

Now on the the regular meeting........
Lake management reported the burning of Friendship point has been delayed but will be happening along with new plantings of indigenous species to help with lake loading. The alum treatment is still on the front burner and it is to be put in next year's budget. There is consideration of establishing a walleye hatchery in the sedimentation pond by the golf course (still in the discussion stage).
Karl Steiskal reported the rec commission is starting many new programs, some of which have already been announced, including ballroom dancing that was actually going on in the gym during our meeting. He also asked for permission to start new programs as long as they were no cost without getting board approval prior. This was passed with the condition all will be ratified by the board and the G.M. Is to be sure we are not adding liability.
Chuck Corso reported the golf season is winding down so discussions are now on next year's opportunities and challenges.
Roads report indicated we are hiatus until next spring when all planning will re-start. Most ADHOC members have been contacted and asked to join the new permanent commission. Road shouldering work continues as weather permits.
Jeff Lutzow reported our current cash and investment assets sit at about $3,730,000 so we are still very solvent in our reserves and operating funds. Operating is currently under budget (to the good) by about $38,000. Bad debt had to be written off in the amount of $1,827.79. Sandy Morse was voted in as second alternate to the commission.
Don Parisi reported Karen Pearson has left the ECC due to a move out of state. She has been a long standing and valued member. John Bednar has been voted in as a standing member. The committee is accepting applications for an alternate. Rich Rathke is Chairman and John Bednar is the co-chair now on ECC.
A viscous dog rule had been discussed in the public safety meeting but it was decided the county rule is strict enough and we will follow that.
Chamber of Commerce membership was revisited and with the additional benefits pointed out the membership will continue.
Judy Rio asked for use of the multi-purpose room for a benefit for the food pantry. Granted.
Four new workstations were authorized to be purchased since the current ones were several years old and were not able to operate properly or use the new software effectively.
Stone will be added to the dam as needed within budget constraints as well as more stone in some other areas. This is a yearly necessity and with the lake low this is the perfect time to do so.
Savannah Oaks hours was discussed and the hours will be curtailed substantially during the winter months as a money saving action. Hours will be announced here as well as through other outlets soon.
A request was received asking for permission to solicit door to door inside Candlewick by a political candidate. Denied.
Remember, these are simply my notes from the meeting with the official minutes to be reported in the Candlewick Newspaper so view them as such.
Thanks for your readership again by the way. I see we have now cracked 75,000 page views. It is appreciated.
Ken Dillenburg