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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


As expected the Naysayers once again explained what a terrible person I am during their time at the mic. That is fine but it is too bad they have a problem understanding my posts here. My statement a few days ago that I don’t think they grasped was raised and was interpreted (he said) as an attack on one of their sets of their parents. Had they been able to understand my post it was just the opposite, indicating their parents must have shown them a better way to act in public but it obviously didn’t sink in. I asked the speaker to publicly read the post but he of course did not. I am sure his parents insisted upon him being taught to read.
What this boiled down to is they don’t like the truth and my opinions being written here for all to read and if they had their way this site would cease to exist. I told them I will not be intimidated or change my actions. I also told them if they want me off the board there are procedures to facilitate that and I would suggest they begin them because I am not changing. Most P.O.s agree with most of my stands and if the Naysayers don’t like the truth don’t read my writings or listen to me speak.
Another of them questioned the road work accomplished so far this year. His questions were more logical about the shouldering and areas by buffalo boxes not being level plus some waviness in roads. I must admit I had no idea what a buffalo box is but Mark, our maintenance supervisor, covered the answer for me. The shouldering work continues. He is not all wrong with the waviness aspect. That is due to short rolls when flattening the paving. This could have been avoided by shutting down Candlewick Drive while doing the long paving stretches. We allowed the shorter rolls to make driving more convenient for the residents. Correct way to go? I am not so sure. This is a learning process since this was the first year. Shouldering next year should also be done before paving. Live and learn. The comment was made we were taken again. That I don’t agree with but was it a perfect first year? Nope.
More to come later today about the rest of the meeting actions. It will probably be later this afternoon since I am tied up this morning. Have a good day and keep your powder dry.
Ken Dillenburg….a/k/a Mr. Mean