Mission Statement..We will work to preserve and enhance our way of life through our homeowners association and provide information to the property owners to accomplish that goal.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The votes roll in

A lot of you probably have already voted in the board election but for those of you who have waited this is just a reminder the ballots have to be in the office by March 7 at 4:30 p.m. That is only about a week away.
No one wants to take the time to vote then have the vote not count so please read the enclosed instructions carefully and don’t forget to sign the secretary envelope where indicated. No signature means your vote will not count because we have no way to know if it was actually sent by the person indicated.
As is normally the case there is an early surge in ballots returned then it levels off. We must remember it is important to turn in your proxy if you are not attending the annual meeting so we can hold the meeting. Last year we couldn’t hold the meeting on the first attempt due to lack of quorum so this is very important. A re-mailing is costly and it all comes from your dues. The proxy must not be put in the little ballot envelope with your ballot but can be in the secretary envelope, which is the larger envelope in which you place the small ballot envelope.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Public Safety report

Important Candlewick Lake Information

Candlewick Lake Public Safety

Week Ending 02/26/2012
Rescue Calls

Public Safety responded to check the welfare of a subject in the 100 block of Columbia.

Theft/ Criminal Damage

Public Safety responded to a report of damaged mailboxes in the 100 block of Hastings way. The matter is under investigation.
Public Safety responded for a report of a broken window in the 400 block of Taladega. The matter is under investigation.
Public Safety responded to a report of light bulbs being thrown at a residence in the 100 block of Galleon Run. An extra patrol will be provided to the area.

Domestic Disputes

Public Safety responded to a report of a violation of an order of protection in the 100 block of Marquette Dr. The matter was handled by the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

Citations issued 9
Warnings 11
** Remember to use extreme caution when on the lake.
Thin ice is present.**

We thank you for taking the time to read these important updates.
Being informed is half the battle.  

Beautiful as the ice retreats!

Who would not love living here? The scenery is breathtaking in all four seasons. This is an early thaw that probably will not last. Normally the ice is out for good very close to March 23. We'll see what happens this year. Ken

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The crash on 76. What a terrible loss of great kids

The link below is to a video made by the two cheerleaders who were so tragically lost in the recent wreck. This is so sad to see lives cut so short.  Ken


What a sad commentary. No reference to God allowed on military patches.

I know this is hard to read. I couldn't get it to enlarge as much as I would like. Following a complaint by atheists the reference to God has been removed from the patches of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities. The Congressional Prayer Caucus is fighting the move, trying to get it reversed. I hope it is reversed. Our military are currently being murdered in Afghanistan for accidentally burning their religious materials and we are not allowed to even mention God on patches? Something is wrong with this picture. My opinion.
Ken Dillenburg

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The graveyard surprise!

When having lunch at the Dockside Thursday we were discussing Candlewick and it's beginnings. Having lived here 25 years and owning our lot prior to that I thought I had to have known about all there was to know about CWL. Well, I didn't.  
How many of you know there is a graveyard right here in Candlewick? It is unvisited and unkempt but it is here, gravestones and all. When the weather gets better I am going to take a look at it. 
Did you know there was a building here that was used in the underground railway helping slaves in their flight to escape? That building is now long gone but it is part of our history.
We discussed the round white home that our Grandkids used to call the "Flintstone house" when they were little. When they would visit they always had to ride by and look at it.
The upper area near the maintenance shed at one time was full of pheasants. There was a lot of very tall grass that looked like prairie grass where they thrived. We would see them constantly when riding through. There were something like 130 homes in Candlewick at the time and the nights were pitch black and quiet. It was a different time.
 Ken Dillenburg

Friday, February 24, 2012

We all know the shape Greece is in. Compare!

Click on the image to enlarge for better readability. This is per capita (per person) debt of our country compared to other countries. We are worse off than Greece. This can not continue if we are to survive.   Ken

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lunch with Elizabeth

Candlewick is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary about now. Rich DeVries contacted the Rockford Newspaper about a picture they had run of people ice fishing here. They called Candlewick Poplar Grove and Rich, a long time resident, wanted to have the facts straight, letting them know we are a separate entity. One thing led to another and one of the reporters, Elizabeth Davies, contacted Rich and wanted to get to know Candlewick better for a piece in the paper about the anniversary. That is how this all came about.
Today, February 23, she was escorted around our community being shown all we have to offer. Rich, Louann Gotsch, and Bonnie Marron gave her the tour showing the amenities in our community as well as the housing and environment. The tour ended at the rec center where she enjoyed lunch with a few of us.
Elizabeth seems like a very nice person who is impressed with what Candlewick has to offer so we should expect some good publicity in the Rockford paper. This can only help our image and that is a great thing. More will now know what a great place this is in which to live and raise a family.
We owe Rich a debt of gratitude for getting the ball rolling and following through on this fine idea. It is appreciated.
Ken Dillenburg

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unofficial Board Minutes for February 21, 2012

Memorial Day Walk/Run will be on Saturday May 26TH at Savannah Oaks starting at 8:00.  Last year they had 40 runners and 11 walkers.
Aqua:  There has been a final ruling from the ICC.  Aqua will be sending a full explanation in your next water bill and it will also be in the Candlewick April paper.  To put it very simple, if you use 4,500 gallons or less per month your water bill will go down, if you use more than 4,500 it will go up.
General Manager’s Report:  Pool permits have been obtained and we are getting prices for work on the pool drain.  We also have been checked on refuse contracts and talking about how much damage is done to the roads from the refuse trucks and what are out options.  The landscape contract is out for bids.  The employee evaluations are beginning.
Lake Management:  Integrated Lake Management is developing a plan for our lake, further information will coming out when their report is finished.  Lake Management has had an ice fishing event every weekend except this weekend it will be cancelled due to thin ice.  Joe Rush will be hired as our lake biologist.  They will be looking for volunteers for the goose addling, look for details in the paper.  Cinder blocks have been placed in the lake at 3 locations that are marked with buoys.  The buoys will be removed before the boating season starts.
Road Construction:  The proposal is almost ready to go.  This will probably start in June once the school buses are off the roads.  They are also working with the refuse company because Ken stated that a garbage truck does 15,000 x the damage as a car to the roads.
Recreation:  The board worked on the charter to better implement programs for the community.
Legal:  Lenard Lund had a petition signed with approximately 40 signatures asking that we suspend the CCR vote.  Scott Pointner sent a letter which addresses their questions and the passage vote will continue.
Annual Meeting is on March 18TH at 1:00 at the Rec Center.  It is very important that you attend or send in your proxy so that we can have a quorum, seat the new board members, and conduct business!!
Ellen Steiskal, Pride Secretary

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ice fishing tournament cancelled

The ice fishing tournament, hosted by the Candlewick Anglers, for Sat.,Feb. 25th is canceled.
Some of the shorelines are already opening up and the geese are starting to roam on the main lake in anticipation of open water. I'm sure they can sense it is near.
For safety and as not to encourage activity on the coming unsafe ice, the Candlewick Anglers feel it is in the best interest of all to cancel the event and look forward to open water season. I for one, have started to pack away my ice gear and will be preparing my open water gear.

With that said, the next Candlewick Anglers meeting will be Thursday, March 22nd at 6:30 in the rec ctr. We will cover the gear and methods for early season shore and boat fishing.
Hope to see you there !!
Tom Pinkowski Sr.

New rec center classes!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Public Safety report

Important Candlewick Lake Information

Candlewick Lake Public Safety

Week Ending 02/19/2012

Traffic Related
Public Safety observed damaged garbage cans and garbage in the roadway in the area of the 400 block of Staffordshire. Further investigation revealed a vehicle struck garbage cans and fled the scene. Public Safety located the vehicle in the 100 block of Drew Court and notified the Boone County Sheriff’s Office. The matter is currently under investigation and the offender with the Sheriff’s Office however the responsible party was cited by Public Safety for leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving.

Rescue Calls
Public Safety responded to a rescue assist in the 100 block of Chanticleer for a subject having a seizure.
Public Safety responded to the 100 block of Queens Place for a subject needing a transport for a evaluation.
Public safety responded to the area of the 200 block of Liverpool for a report of a man who had fallen.
Public Safety Officers will always remain with a subject suffering a medical emergency until rescue personnel arrive.
Public safety
Theft/ Criminal Damage
Public Safety responded to the 200 block of Brandywine for a report of theft of exterior light bulbs. Public Safety checked the area, located some juveniles in the area, but were unable to determine a suspect.
Citations issued 8
Warnings 7

** Remember to use extreme caution when on the lake.
Thin ice is present.**

We thank you for taking the time to read these important updates.
Being informed is half the battle.  

Roads posted in Candlewick Tuesday, Feb. 21!


Please vote carefully so your vote counts

Pam Cangelosi and Bonnie Marron put together this fact sheet regarding election procedures after the meeting of the election commission. Everyone wants their vote to count so please read the following.  
Thanks, Ken

2012-13 CWL Election Procedures
The Election Committee made up of the seven current BOD members and the seven current BOD candidates include Bonnie Marron, Ken Dillenburg, Jeff Lutzow, Pam Cangelosi, Steve Lambright, Chuck Corso, Sandy Morse, Don Parisi, Karl Steiskal, Lennard Lund, and Randy Boettcher. These members have approved the following procedures for the 2012-13 CWL Board of Directors election. These procedures were approved at a meeting on January 31, 2012. Please note that Lennard Lund was not able to attend this meeting, but did agree to the procedures via a phone conversation with BOD Secretary, Pam Cangelosi.
-         If the ballot has an improper signature (one that does not match the registered owners list); then the ballot is INVALID  -- ALL AGREED
-         If the Secretary envelope is unsigned; then the ballot is INVALID -- ALL AGREED
-         If the SECRETARY envelope is taped, stapled or unsealed; then the ballot is INVALID; **Discussion followed on this topic and it was agreed that if it is obvious to the committee that someone taped the secretary envelope for security reasons, as some people always do that, then the ballot will be VALID. If the enveloped was opened and taped then the ballot will be INVALID. Taped envelopes will be separated out and the committee can make the final decision on ballot counting day. -- ALL AGREED
-         If cumulative voting occurs; then the ballot is INVALID. Cumulative voting is casting more than one vote per candidate. **Discussion took place and none of the votes will count in the case of cumulative voting. -- ALL AGREED
-         If more than the number of allowable votes is cast; then the ballot is INVALID. In this case five votes, for different candidates, are permitted. Property owners can vote for less than five, but not more. -- ALL AGREED
-         Corrected ballots within a properly sealed envelope will be considered VALID if it does not exceed the allowable number of votes. (i.e., if property owner voted, but ballot has not been sealed, they can scratch out their choice and select another).-- ALL AGREED
-         Once a ballot is cast it cannot be changed -- ALL AGREED
-         One Ballot, One envelope, but if Annual Meeting proxy, check, etc. are included with the ballot it will count for this year until rules changes can officially be made. -- ALL AGREED

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Old Barns with a message

This seems appropriate for our Sunday message. Some young folks may not get it..........but they will in time. It may take up to a minute for the video to load so please be patient. After it loads simply click on the arrow for the sound and video. I hope you find it as touching as I did.  Ken

From Tom Pinkowski sr. Candlewick Anglers

Just a reminder to our fishing friends,
Due to the 4 ice tournaments in Feb., there is no anglers meeting this month.
The next meeting will be on Thursday, March 22nd, at 6:30 at the rec ctr.
Please watch your e-mails for future updates.
Thank you.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

G.M. continuity, now the board

You all know now that our G.M. has signed on the dotted line for another three years. That means our association will continue moving in the right direction for three more years with one caveat. We need a board that will continue the forward movement as well. The board of directors has been working as one to toe the line on expenditures while maintaining our existing amenities as well as adding programs when affordable.
During the last few months the dredging program was completed, the CC&R rewrites are completed and very close to passage, the ByLaws are in the final stages of preparation, a very solid collection policy has been implemented in an attempt to keep those paying their dues from being burdened with further cost from those not paying, the changeover from the “Y” operating our rec center programs to in-house operation was handled seamlessly, our road maintenance and repair program is set for bidding and a summer start, our public safety department has both a new chief and deputy with extensive police backgrounds, the new website is almost complete and is running, lake circulation devices for “the dip” as well as plantings to help clean the lake are budgeted, we have a new attorney who specializes in our type association, a legal committee has been established to handle legal issues that arise from time to time, we produced a 2012/2013 budget with no dues increase, and much more.
Why am I bringing this up? We need, not want………NEED to have a board that will continue on course. There are solid current board members running (Jeff, Chuck, and Steve) as well as a former board member who was an asset (Don). Karl Steiskal has proven his desire to continue the progress through his very active participation as well as his statements about how much he loves and wants to better this community. For me it is easy to remember. I am voting for the first five names on the ballot.
Pam Cangelosi and Sandy Morse will both be sorely missed for their very valuable input on many issues. With five open board seats this is a very serious time for Candlewick. Please choose wisely for the sake of your community. Please ask your friends to do the same. It’s now all up to you. The power is in your hands to control the direction of our community. Some will agree with my votes and some will not. We all must vote our conscience.

Ken Dillenburg

Friday, February 17, 2012

Don Parisi

Don Parisi is a smart guy. I have worked with Don on different commissions and committees and I know he has a lot of good input and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He articulates his stand and who cannot appreciate candor? During last year’s board election when asked for a statement about Don by a local paper I stated Don is an intelligent and good man. Nothing has changed my opinion during the past year.
Don has a lot of knowledge in the real estate field which to a degree spills into the legal arena. That is valuable input. He has kiddingly been called the “what if” guy due to his habit of look at situations from new angles. Don has been on the board before and was involved in many situations that gave him a solid background and knowledge of the issues facing our community. When he and I were on the ECC together he could put me to shame with his understanding of the governing documents as well as the possible ramifications of committee actions. Don has given valuable input and is a member of the legal committee as well as the roads commission. Count on him to remain involved in many areas.
He is needed, simple as that. He has my vote.

I would like to mention one more candidate. I recently met Randy Boettcher at the election commission meeting. He seems like a good guy. He is starting to become actively involved in commission work and is showing a real interest in helping our community. With five people running that I know well they will be my choices but I believe Randy has real potential. If there were six openings he would be my other vote.

Ken Dillenburg

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Steve Lambright

What can I say about Steve Lambright? Have any of you met Steve? The guy is a giant! Rumor has it he doesn’t carry a jack in his car. If he gets a flat he just holds up the car with one hand and puts on the spare with the other. I would be afraid to say anything non-complimentary about Steve.
O.K., in all seriousness. Steve is another candidate who has been a fine addition to the board. Steve is a young man with a nice family who, like Chuck’s family, I met while they were all working on the leaf collection. Great people.
Steve and his wife are both very active in the community. They have been involved in the recreation commission and Steve has been appointed board liaison to that commission.  Steve is also a member of the ECC. He has some experience in road building and that will be an asset when our roads project starts next summer. Through his actions both on and off the board Steve has proven he wants only the best for Candlewick and will do all that is necessary to preserve our way of life, continuing to assure a safe and enjoyable community in which to raise his and other’s kids.
He has fit in well on a board that is striving to do all possible for you while being very tight fisted when it comes to expenditures. Good man to have on your side during tough economic times. He has my vote.

Ken Dillenburg

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If you read our site you already know this, but....

Candlewick Lake Public Safety


Chuck Corso

Chuck is of course one of the candidates running for election to a board seat. Let me tell you a little about Chuck.
I first met Chuck last summer as he was about to head out on the course at Savannah Oaks. The person making the introduction said “Ken, this is Chuck Corso…no relation.” I smiled and knew immediately what he meant. Another Corso and I had been on opposite sides in a battle over an attempt to incorporate Candlewick so it was good to know. Chuck and I spoke very briefly but he expressed how much he loved living here. He said he couldn’t figure out who wouldn’t like to be able to golf free and then go out fishing on our lake. I thought to myself he was a good guy. That was all I saw of him until he threw his hat into the ring as a candidate to be appointed to a board seat that had become open mid-term.
During the interview for the open seat I was very impressed with Chuck’s desire to make Candlewick an even better place to live. He is a relatively young man with kids and he likes the atmosphere here in our community. He is well spoken and his ideas are sound so he was appointed to a board seat. He has been a solid member of the board.
Chuck is the type person that doesn’t drone on but you can tell he is taking it all in and when he does have something to say everyone listens because it will be relevant to the discussion or decision. He votes his conscience and although he and I do not always agree on every subject I know he is sincere and I respect that. He and I have worked together on the legal committee, having input on the CC&Rs and ByLaws. He is important to the committee. Chuck is working with others attempting to establish a youth group. He also will be taking over the annual “Candlewick clean-up day”. Chuck is very active in his church and tries to be a peacemaker between factions in our community, an almost impossible and thankless task. This guy keeps busy!
Chuck has a nice family. I met his family when they were all working at the leaf collection this fall. He is a golfer and is determined to help with any problems at the course. The golf course is a challenge and he has brought forth ideas for improvement as well as being involved in an attempt to establish a group for that purpose. He will personally be hosting a golf outing for police and fire departments he deals with and he is working to generally improve usage of our course.
To summarize, I like Chuck as a person, I know he has the best interests of Candlewick in his heart, and he has made a fine board member that I hope will retain his seat in the election. He deserves it and he has my vote.
Ken Dillenburg

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A fun night with a good cause to boot!

Cindy Genrich will also be attending this event with the "FIGHT LIKE A GIRL" shirts to benefit cancer research for a cure. She will also be bringing a selection of her available wigs for any interested ladies.

Maybe I should show up with my shiny topped head and take a look myself!

Posted by Ken Dillenburg

Jeff Lutzow

And then there is Jeff. Jeff and I have a running contest about who is the cheapest of the two of us. If he isn’t first he will run a close second. I would be embarrassed to admit some of the actions we both take in our personal lives to be thrifty but let me say it spills over into our board actions.
Jeff is our board treasurer. Many of you know Jeff from listening to him at the board meetings articulating our financial position as well as reasoning for financial decisions. Jeff spends a lot of time in the office working with our accountant and manager on collection issues, disbursement of funds, investment of the funds for safety and income, and more. He is on top of the issues.
Jeff has a nice wife and family but still finds time to be involved heavily in the lake management commission, working on lake quality and remediation issues. He has gained a lot of knowledge in that area and I know I personally defer to his judgment when discussing actions regarding the lake. Our lake is our most important asset and Jeff makes it clear he realizes that fact.
Jeff Lutzow has a pleasant personality and would be hard not to like. He would be a tragic loss to our board. He will have my vote.

Ken Dillenburg

Important Candlewick Lake Information

Candlewick Lake Public Safety

Week Ending 02/12/2012
Neighbor disputes / domestic disputes
Public Safety responded to a call of a dispute regarding the repossession of a vehicle in the 100 block of Squire. Upon arrival, Public Safety learned that the subject did not have a court order and requested the Boone County Sheriff’s who subsequently arrived and resolved the matter.
Suspicious Incidents
Public Safety responded to a call of a possible break in at a residence in the 300 block of Rochester. A resident heard a noise at the front of the residence and though someone was trying to get in the residence. Public Safety checked the exterior of the residence and vehicles at the residence and found no damage of subjects in the area.
Public Safety responded to the area of the 500 block of Lamplighter for a report of a subject attempting to cut a cable. The Boone County Sheriff’s Office arrived and handled the matter.
Public Safety responded to a loud noise complaint in the area of the 100 block of Heathcliff regarding a loud vehicle running. Upon arrival, the vehicle was gone.

Rescue Calls
Public Safety responded to a rescue call in the 100 block of Seminole Pl. for a report of a subject having difficulty breathing. The subject was transported to the hospital for treatment.
Public Safety responded to a report of a possible heart attack in the 300 block of Talladega. The subject was transported for treatment.
Public Safety checked several abandoned houses throughout the community. Public Safety located one unsecured residence and subsequently secured it.
Citations 7
Warnings 9

We thank you for taking the time to read these important updates.
Being informed is half the battle.  

Monday, February 13, 2012

Please take care. Thin ice!

Just this afternoon. This picture was taken from my dock. The back of the shed is now in water after breaking through the ice. The ice is not as thick as you think.  Ken

Karl Steiskal

I was very happy when Karl said he would be running for one of the board seats up for grabs. I know Karl well. We met a couple years ago and I remember Karl writing editorials for the Candlewick paper that said how much he loves living here and the friendly family atmosphere we have. That meant a lot to me.
Karl and Ellen (his wife) are involved in so many things it is hard to remember them all. Anyone attending the volunteer appreciation dinner knows what a great cook he is, having prepared a lot of the meal. He is of course a co-chair of our own Pride group and has proven to be a great idea man, not afraid to jump into the fray. I remember seeing him at the rec center open house helping out promoting the walkers. He is vice-chairman of the recreation commission, a member of the Candlewick Anglers, Lions, Flames, Walkers, and more. When you think of involved you think of Karl. He attends almost all board meetings to stay on top of Candlewick happenings.
Let me tell you one thing about Karl that will probably stay with me a long time. We were having the road clean-up on Caledonia Road. That project is to be handled by the board but Karl & Ellen were determined to help. Karl at the time was having a lot of painful hip problems. We started at the back gate. Some of us went south and some north with our garbage bags. We finished the North area and walked back to the gate. There was Karl far down the road in the south ditch limping in obvious pain but determined to finish the job. That is the sign of a man of dedication and work ethic. I am proud to call him a friend.
Karl will be a great and dedicated member of our board of directors. He has my vote.
Ken Dillenburg

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ice fishing tournament 2/12/2012...Barb Appelhans pictures

Chuck Hart adding the numbers as Bob McHoes measures the fish.
 Fishermen bringing in their 10 biggest fish for measuerment.
 Chuck Hart holding the trophy's for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and big fish
 Big fish trophy and $45.00 went to Vickie Masbruch.
 Third place trophy and $15.00 Chris Hardwick from Roscoe and Mark Pondelick of Rockton.
 Second place trophy and $30.00, Larry and Vickie Masbruch

First place trophy and $45.00, Todd Jones and Bob McHoes.

Saturday morning, February 11th, CWA held its first cash ice fishing tournament. The trophies were donated allowing a 100% pay-out. It was a cold, blistery morning forcing us to stay warm in our heated tents. All teams limited out with their catch and it came down to who had the 10 biggest panfish. Please note that all Candlewick residents and their guests are allowed to fish our events. You do not need to be a member, but we encourage you to sign up for free so we can keep you updated with our email blast.
Chuck Hart
(posted by Ken)

Meet the candidates forum

           (click on the picture to enlarge it)
And here they are, your candidates for the five open seats on the Board of directors. The guys took wide ranging questions on a variety of subjects for two hours Sunday afternoon. I will not try to cover the questions and answers here due to space limitations. The crowd size was disappointing, hopefully meaning most property owners feel things are running well and they have no major issues. Next comes the vote, and the ballots will begin arriving in your mailboxes next weekend. Please choose wisely. 
Picture by Barb Appelhans

posted by Ken Dillenburg

Your Sunday smile

A blond got into heaven, and when she arrived at the golden gates, she 

was asked one question: “What is God’s name?” She replied “Andy.”

“Andy? Why Andy?”, she was asked.

She replied “Oh, you know, Andy walks with me Andy talks with me, Andy 

tells me I am his own."

posted by Ken

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I’m voting, here comes the who and why

During the next few days starting Monday I will be posting the names of those who will be receiving my vote in the upcoming board election along with my reasons for voting for them. To be clear, these are my personal choices and reasons for each vote. Will I catch flak for this? Undoubtedly, but I said in last year’s forum I am not one to try to be politically correct. This will be but one example.
Ken Dillenburg

Friday, February 10, 2012


 Who would have thought when we started this blog the community would have embraced it as you have. We can only thank you for pushing us past 50,000 page views. We are truly thrilled with your interest in our community and will continue to bring what you will consider relevant information as well as an occasional off topic piece on a slow news day.
 Going into the board election there will be a lots to report. Hopefully many of you will attend the candidates forum Sunday to hear their thoughts then stay to review the proposed budget for the next fiscal year. From being on the finance commission I can tell you it will be tight and with no dues increase again. It should be a very informative afternoon so we'll see you at 1 at the rec center.
Ken Dillenburg

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Road postings

 Our roads will be posted starting Monday, February 13th. Please plan accordingly.
Note...due to the weather turning colder the road postings may be postponed. Please watch for updates.
Ken Dillenburg

Weekly Public Safety report

Candlewick Lake Public Safety

Week Ending 02/05/2012

Traffic Related
Public Safety while running stationary radar pulled behind a subject who had been speeding. The subject exited his vehicle, charged the Public Safety officer and engaged her in a loud threatening manner. The incident was reviewed by Public Safety Administration and the subject was cited for violations.

Suspicious Incidents
Public Safety responded to a call in the 300 block of Rochester for a report of a subject who had opened a door to a residence then fled on foot in an unknown direction. Public Safety checked the area and met with negative results, but provided an extra patrol to the area. The subject was only described a wearing all black.
Public Safety responded to a call in the 100 block of Columbia for a report of a resident’s dogs barking and subjects running from the area. Public Safety provided an extra patrol and found several youths in the area running around the neighborhood.

Rescue Calls
Public Safety responded to a call in the area of the 200 block of Liverpool for a female with several cuts on her wrist. Public Safety remained there until the subject was transported to the hospital.
Public Safety responded to calls in the area of the 100 block of Cornwall and the 100 block of Liverpool for subjects having difficulty breathing. Public Safety remained until they were transported to the hospital.
Public Safety responded to the 200 block of Briarcliff for a report of an attempted suicide. Public Safety remained there until the subject was transported to the hospital.
Public Safety responded to a call of a subject running from a residence while having a panic attack. Public Safety found the subject and assisted him along with the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

Neighbor Disputes
Public Safety responded to a call of a neighbor dispute in the area of the 300 block of Redman Way. Public Safety was advised that subjects threatened her in her driveway. The Boone County Sheriff’s Office was subsequently called about the matter.
Disorderly Conduct

Public Safety responded to a call of disorderly conduct at the recreation center involving a subject causing a disturbance in the gymnasium. The subject, a guest of a resident, was found to not be in the company of the resident and subsequently asked to leave.
Citations issued 7 Warnings issued 8

We thank you for taking the time to read these important updates.
Being informed is half the battle.  

Something for the young folks

(posted by Ken)

Roads are always a worry

Before I was on the Roads ADHOC I really paid very little attention to the roads other than seeing potholes and the speed bumps. Now I find myself looking at the road condition constantly as I drive around the lake.
At first I thought it would be a good winter for the roads with not a lot of cold weather and heavy snow. Thinking into it further the worst time for road deterioration is the spring with the freeze thaw cycle. This year we have had almost nothing but freeze thaw cycles…all winter! In my opinion the roads are showing it with a fair number of new weak areas showing up.
It is a good thing we plan to do the first three years of the ten year plan the first year to get a jump on the problem and we will probably have to look at other areas for 2013 that are not in the current plan if the deterioration continues. This should be fine. The reserves are in good shape at this point so if necessary we can expand a little.
Ken Dillenburg

Monday, February 6, 2012

A note on credit unions

 I published a post a couple weeks ago regarding how to research for better CD rates using the internet. If you consider credit unions it may be wise to be sure they are federally insured through NCUA. A few are insured by ASI and that may be fine but it is private insurance, not government backed. Just a heads up so all understand the difference.  Ken


Next Saturday...Anglers tournament

Saturday, February 4th, ice fishing

Tom Pinkowski, Chuck Hart, R.J. and Chris Podschweit
 Bill Batzkall, R.J. Podschweit, Tom Pinkowski, Chuck Hart
 Bob McHoes drawing numbers for prizes
 Steve Ritter won for biggest fish
 First Place- Chris Podschweit and Chuck Hart
 Second place- Dan and R.J. Podschweic
Third place Steve Ritter from Rockford

February is ice fishing month for the Candlewick Anglers and as you can see, the lake is producing some nice catches. Another nice day on the ice with decent temperatures and sun. Who could ask for more?

Posted by Ken Dillenburg....pictures by Barb Appelhans