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Monday, February 13, 2012

Karl Steiskal

I was very happy when Karl said he would be running for one of the board seats up for grabs. I know Karl well. We met a couple years ago and I remember Karl writing editorials for the Candlewick paper that said how much he loves living here and the friendly family atmosphere we have. That meant a lot to me.
Karl and Ellen (his wife) are involved in so many things it is hard to remember them all. Anyone attending the volunteer appreciation dinner knows what a great cook he is, having prepared a lot of the meal. He is of course a co-chair of our own Pride group and has proven to be a great idea man, not afraid to jump into the fray. I remember seeing him at the rec center open house helping out promoting the walkers. He is vice-chairman of the recreation commission, a member of the Candlewick Anglers, Lions, Flames, Walkers, and more. When you think of involved you think of Karl. He attends almost all board meetings to stay on top of Candlewick happenings.
Let me tell you one thing about Karl that will probably stay with me a long time. We were having the road clean-up on Caledonia Road. That project is to be handled by the board but Karl & Ellen were determined to help. Karl at the time was having a lot of painful hip problems. We started at the back gate. Some of us went south and some north with our garbage bags. We finished the North area and walked back to the gate. There was Karl far down the road in the south ditch limping in obvious pain but determined to finish the job. That is the sign of a man of dedication and work ethic. I am proud to call him a friend.
Karl will be a great and dedicated member of our board of directors. He has my vote.
Ken Dillenburg