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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The graveyard surprise!

When having lunch at the Dockside Thursday we were discussing Candlewick and it's beginnings. Having lived here 25 years and owning our lot prior to that I thought I had to have known about all there was to know about CWL. Well, I didn't.  
How many of you know there is a graveyard right here in Candlewick? It is unvisited and unkempt but it is here, gravestones and all. When the weather gets better I am going to take a look at it. 
Did you know there was a building here that was used in the underground railway helping slaves in their flight to escape? That building is now long gone but it is part of our history.
We discussed the round white home that our Grandkids used to call the "Flintstone house" when they were little. When they would visit they always had to ride by and look at it.
The upper area near the maintenance shed at one time was full of pheasants. There was a lot of very tall grass that looked like prairie grass where they thrived. We would see them constantly when riding through. There were something like 130 homes in Candlewick at the time and the nights were pitch black and quiet. It was a different time.
 Ken Dillenburg