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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unofficial Board Minutes for February 21, 2012

Memorial Day Walk/Run will be on Saturday May 26TH at Savannah Oaks starting at 8:00.  Last year they had 40 runners and 11 walkers.
Aqua:  There has been a final ruling from the ICC.  Aqua will be sending a full explanation in your next water bill and it will also be in the Candlewick April paper.  To put it very simple, if you use 4,500 gallons or less per month your water bill will go down, if you use more than 4,500 it will go up.
General Manager’s Report:  Pool permits have been obtained and we are getting prices for work on the pool drain.  We also have been checked on refuse contracts and talking about how much damage is done to the roads from the refuse trucks and what are out options.  The landscape contract is out for bids.  The employee evaluations are beginning.
Lake Management:  Integrated Lake Management is developing a plan for our lake, further information will coming out when their report is finished.  Lake Management has had an ice fishing event every weekend except this weekend it will be cancelled due to thin ice.  Joe Rush will be hired as our lake biologist.  They will be looking for volunteers for the goose addling, look for details in the paper.  Cinder blocks have been placed in the lake at 3 locations that are marked with buoys.  The buoys will be removed before the boating season starts.
Road Construction:  The proposal is almost ready to go.  This will probably start in June once the school buses are off the roads.  They are also working with the refuse company because Ken stated that a garbage truck does 15,000 x the damage as a car to the roads.
Recreation:  The board worked on the charter to better implement programs for the community.
Legal:  Lenard Lund had a petition signed with approximately 40 signatures asking that we suspend the CCR vote.  Scott Pointner sent a letter which addresses their questions and the passage vote will continue.
Annual Meeting is on March 18TH at 1:00 at the Rec Center.  It is very important that you attend or send in your proxy so that we can have a quorum, seat the new board members, and conduct business!!
Ellen Steiskal, Pride Secretary