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Friday, February 17, 2012

Don Parisi

Don Parisi is a smart guy. I have worked with Don on different commissions and committees and I know he has a lot of good input and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He articulates his stand and who cannot appreciate candor? During last year’s board election when asked for a statement about Don by a local paper I stated Don is an intelligent and good man. Nothing has changed my opinion during the past year.
Don has a lot of knowledge in the real estate field which to a degree spills into the legal arena. That is valuable input. He has kiddingly been called the “what if” guy due to his habit of look at situations from new angles. Don has been on the board before and was involved in many situations that gave him a solid background and knowledge of the issues facing our community. When he and I were on the ECC together he could put me to shame with his understanding of the governing documents as well as the possible ramifications of committee actions. Don has given valuable input and is a member of the legal committee as well as the roads commission. Count on him to remain involved in many areas.
He is needed, simple as that. He has my vote.

I would like to mention one more candidate. I recently met Randy Boettcher at the election commission meeting. He seems like a good guy. He is starting to become actively involved in commission work and is showing a real interest in helping our community. With five people running that I know well they will be my choices but I believe Randy has real potential. If there were six openings he would be my other vote.

Ken Dillenburg