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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Steve Lambright

What can I say about Steve Lambright? Have any of you met Steve? The guy is a giant! Rumor has it he doesn’t carry a jack in his car. If he gets a flat he just holds up the car with one hand and puts on the spare with the other. I would be afraid to say anything non-complimentary about Steve.
O.K., in all seriousness. Steve is another candidate who has been a fine addition to the board. Steve is a young man with a nice family who, like Chuck’s family, I met while they were all working on the leaf collection. Great people.
Steve and his wife are both very active in the community. They have been involved in the recreation commission and Steve has been appointed board liaison to that commission.  Steve is also a member of the ECC. He has some experience in road building and that will be an asset when our roads project starts next summer. Through his actions both on and off the board Steve has proven he wants only the best for Candlewick and will do all that is necessary to preserve our way of life, continuing to assure a safe and enjoyable community in which to raise his and other’s kids.
He has fit in well on a board that is striving to do all possible for you while being very tight fisted when it comes to expenditures. Good man to have on your side during tough economic times. He has my vote.

Ken Dillenburg