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Friday, February 3, 2012

This should do it

The final mailing of the resstated CC&R ballots should be in homes by now. As expected, the first mailing came back strongest  with over 800 YES votes, the second mailing brought in a couple hundred more, and the third should push us over the top so we can move on to the ByLaws. The vast, vast majority have been YES votes and that is appreciated, proving almost all the P.O.s get the fact we must pass these to be in compliance. 
There are always three or four people who believe there is some great conspiracy and that also is expected with every board action no matter how necessary or important to the community. This is the way of the world whether it be in school classes, church, a place of employment, whatever. Naysayers are always present. The board will deal with that and press forward doing the work of the association in the best interests of the property owners.
Ken Dillenburg