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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Roads are always a worry

Before I was on the Roads ADHOC I really paid very little attention to the roads other than seeing potholes and the speed bumps. Now I find myself looking at the road condition constantly as I drive around the lake.
At first I thought it would be a good winter for the roads with not a lot of cold weather and heavy snow. Thinking into it further the worst time for road deterioration is the spring with the freeze thaw cycle. This year we have had almost nothing but freeze thaw cycles…all winter! In my opinion the roads are showing it with a fair number of new weak areas showing up.
It is a good thing we plan to do the first three years of the ten year plan the first year to get a jump on the problem and we will probably have to look at other areas for 2013 that are not in the current plan if the deterioration continues. This should be fine. The reserves are in good shape at this point so if necessary we can expand a little.
Ken Dillenburg