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Monday, February 20, 2012

Please vote carefully so your vote counts

Pam Cangelosi and Bonnie Marron put together this fact sheet regarding election procedures after the meeting of the election commission. Everyone wants their vote to count so please read the following.  
Thanks, Ken

2012-13 CWL Election Procedures
The Election Committee made up of the seven current BOD members and the seven current BOD candidates include Bonnie Marron, Ken Dillenburg, Jeff Lutzow, Pam Cangelosi, Steve Lambright, Chuck Corso, Sandy Morse, Don Parisi, Karl Steiskal, Lennard Lund, and Randy Boettcher. These members have approved the following procedures for the 2012-13 CWL Board of Directors election. These procedures were approved at a meeting on January 31, 2012. Please note that Lennard Lund was not able to attend this meeting, but did agree to the procedures via a phone conversation with BOD Secretary, Pam Cangelosi.
-         If the ballot has an improper signature (one that does not match the registered owners list); then the ballot is INVALID  -- ALL AGREED
-         If the Secretary envelope is unsigned; then the ballot is INVALID -- ALL AGREED
-         If the SECRETARY envelope is taped, stapled or unsealed; then the ballot is INVALID; **Discussion followed on this topic and it was agreed that if it is obvious to the committee that someone taped the secretary envelope for security reasons, as some people always do that, then the ballot will be VALID. If the enveloped was opened and taped then the ballot will be INVALID. Taped envelopes will be separated out and the committee can make the final decision on ballot counting day. -- ALL AGREED
-         If cumulative voting occurs; then the ballot is INVALID. Cumulative voting is casting more than one vote per candidate. **Discussion took place and none of the votes will count in the case of cumulative voting. -- ALL AGREED
-         If more than the number of allowable votes is cast; then the ballot is INVALID. In this case five votes, for different candidates, are permitted. Property owners can vote for less than five, but not more. -- ALL AGREED
-         Corrected ballots within a properly sealed envelope will be considered VALID if it does not exceed the allowable number of votes. (i.e., if property owner voted, but ballot has not been sealed, they can scratch out their choice and select another).-- ALL AGREED
-         Once a ballot is cast it cannot be changed -- ALL AGREED
-         One Ballot, One envelope, but if Annual Meeting proxy, check, etc. are included with the ballot it will count for this year until rules changes can officially be made. -- ALL AGREED