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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chuck Corso

Chuck is of course one of the candidates running for election to a board seat. Let me tell you a little about Chuck.
I first met Chuck last summer as he was about to head out on the course at Savannah Oaks. The person making the introduction said “Ken, this is Chuck Corso…no relation.” I smiled and knew immediately what he meant. Another Corso and I had been on opposite sides in a battle over an attempt to incorporate Candlewick so it was good to know. Chuck and I spoke very briefly but he expressed how much he loved living here. He said he couldn’t figure out who wouldn’t like to be able to golf free and then go out fishing on our lake. I thought to myself he was a good guy. That was all I saw of him until he threw his hat into the ring as a candidate to be appointed to a board seat that had become open mid-term.
During the interview for the open seat I was very impressed with Chuck’s desire to make Candlewick an even better place to live. He is a relatively young man with kids and he likes the atmosphere here in our community. He is well spoken and his ideas are sound so he was appointed to a board seat. He has been a solid member of the board.
Chuck is the type person that doesn’t drone on but you can tell he is taking it all in and when he does have something to say everyone listens because it will be relevant to the discussion or decision. He votes his conscience and although he and I do not always agree on every subject I know he is sincere and I respect that. He and I have worked together on the legal committee, having input on the CC&Rs and ByLaws. He is important to the committee. Chuck is working with others attempting to establish a youth group. He also will be taking over the annual “Candlewick clean-up day”. Chuck is very active in his church and tries to be a peacemaker between factions in our community, an almost impossible and thankless task. This guy keeps busy!
Chuck has a nice family. I met his family when they were all working at the leaf collection this fall. He is a golfer and is determined to help with any problems at the course. The golf course is a challenge and he has brought forth ideas for improvement as well as being involved in an attempt to establish a group for that purpose. He will personally be hosting a golf outing for police and fire departments he deals with and he is working to generally improve usage of our course.
To summarize, I like Chuck as a person, I know he has the best interests of Candlewick in his heart, and he has made a fine board member that I hope will retain his seat in the election. He deserves it and he has my vote.
Ken Dillenburg