Mission Statement..We will work to preserve and enhance our way of life through our homeowners association and provide information to the property owners to accomplish that goal.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Evolution or Revolution

During the 25 or so years I have lived here I have watched our association evolve. When we first built our home there were something like 150 homes here. Often we were the only boat on the lake and when driving around the community I remember the area up near the Outpost Center (back then called the teen center) was just full of pheasants in the tall grasses. There was little forward planning that I recall and when repairs were needed to the clubhouse (now the new "rec center") members of the board physically worked on the project. Almost everything emanated from that one building. Those were different times and a much smaller scale.

The association has changed as necessary over the years to our current professional management, very scrutinized budgets, strategic forward planning, assessments that include reserve contribution to avoid balloon assessments, great activities for all, and committees and volunteerism only to be dreamed of back then. I loved the peace and quiet and pitch black nights from the past but those days are gone and Candlewick has risen to the occasion, transforming as necessary into what most feel is a well run large organization providing fine services to residents.

The proposal by some is now what amounts to a revolution, throwing away the good we have achieved for an unproven path that could ruin our lifestyle through becoming an incorporated city with all the inherent problems. This association is on solid footing and I believe most understand that. Evolution to changing situations will continue but revolution could be disastrous to all of us.

Ken Dillenburg

Monday, August 30, 2010

CPAC announcement

October 13 will be the date of the Boone County candidates forum. This is your chance to meet the candidates and hear their stands on issues effecting our area. The forum will be held at the "rec center" starting at 6:30 p.m. That is a Wednesday evening.

CPAC urges all voters to be informed and vote in the next election held November second. If you have not yet registered there is still time to accomplish that to be set for the November general election.

It appears CPAC is getting back on track with their original mission and that is nice to see. CPAC has a lot to offer this community.
Ken Dillenburg

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Upon reflection....

Sunday is a day of worship and to realize our blessings. As such it should not be a day in which I post anything that is confrontational or upsetting to anyone, no matter what their views. Going forward if I post on a Sunday it will be something that will either give you a smile or at least a good thought. It will be a day of peace. Wishing you a smile.

Cowboy in Church
One Sunday a cowboy went to church.
When he entered, he saw that he and the preacher were the only ones present.
The preacher asked the cowboy if he wanted him to go ahead and preach.
The cowboy said,
"I'm not too smart, but if I went to feed my cattle and only one showed up,
I'd still feed him."So the minister began his sermon.
One hour passed, then two hours, then two-and-a-half hours.
The preacher finally finished
and came down to ask the cowboy how he liked the sermon.
The cowboy answered slowly,
"Well, I'm not very smart, but if I went to feed my cattle and only one showed up,
I sure wouldn't feed him all the hay."

Ken Dillenburg

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sticks & Stones

We have all heard the old childhood rhyme. In my case it is true. I am told many of the things the more government bunch is saying about me and that is fine. I expected that when I entered this fray. Have at it.

What does disturb me is when they attack our community as a whole, endangering property values as well as general public perception of Candlewick Lake. The old rhyme does not hold true when it involves resident’s home values and sense of security. This action needs to stop. Supporting a cause is one thing but publicly trashing the community is another.

I have offered this venue should they wish to say it was a mistake and I was serious in that offer. There is no shame in owning up to an error. We have all made mistakes. Continuing the current course is in fact saying they believe their actions were correct. How could anyone think that? The offer still stands for a serious apology from the group. Consider it.

Ken Dillenburg

Friday, August 27, 2010

Nothing yet

I am still waiting to see the apology for the way our community has been portrayed by the bunch demeaning our home. If none is forthcoming I would have to assume they feel those actions in attacking Candlewick Lake are appropriate. Those who made the statements know the Pride’s email address. Send the apology here and I will publish it if it is sincere. We will see. Possibly today’s Carnegie quote below may be of assistance to them.

“There are four ways, and only four ways, in which we have contact with the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts: what we do, how we look, what we say, and how we say it.”
Dale Carnegie

Totally unrelated…I have been told the editorial cartoons will not longer be allowed in the Candlewick Newsletter starting with the October issue. I was actually enjoying putting them together so you will just have to put up with an occasional one here. The revision back to the original editorial policy really doesn’t bother me since about all there is to say has been said. I believe property owners have been told the story on both sides of the incorporation issue and probably have their minds made up. I thank the committee for allowing all of us to make our points for quite some time.

Posted by Ken Dillenburg

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Then why not bring your family to the Rec Center for the Events Committee


Saturday, August 28th

Party starts at 6:00pm and will include music, games & 50/50 raffle

The movie ‘Furry Vengeance’ starring Brendan Frasier begins at 7:30pm

There will be a concession stand selling popcorn, soda and various treats

Bring your lawn chairs, blankets and/or sleeping bags

Any questions, please contact the Rec Center at 765-1943

submitted by Bonnie Marron

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sorry, but I am taking this personally

I just can’t let this go. I am absolutely incensed by the comments made by the incorporation bunch during meetings of the surrounding villages as well as to the media. When this group starts attacking the reputation of our home what in the world are they thinking? Is this supposed to endear them to the other communities? Does this make their neighbors happy? Is this going to enhance our property values? Is this going to improve outside perception of Candlewick? Is this going to discourage or encourage those who wish to do harm in our community? Does this encourage our public safety officers or discourage them with the criticism? Will this make those who have not yet decided want to join with this bunch and vote yes for their misguided issue?

I ask anyone reading our website to let everyone know what type people we are dealing with. They should be ashamed of all their community bashing, not reveling in it. If they believe this is the way to make friends they need a Dale Carnegie course in public relations. A public apology is in order from the group demeaning our home.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do."
Dale Carnegie

Posted by Ken Dillenburg

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Over the hump

If you have been on the lake the last few days you have probably noticed it is starting to clear somewhat. There is still quite a bit of algae but it is now just a greenish tinted water. Considering the summer heat, field run-off when we had the heavy rains, and the dredge stirring up the bottom we shouldn't have been surprised but it was ugly for a while. Fall is coming and with the cooler weather and less hours of sunlight the algae should have seen it's best days.

Next spring this should all be remedied with much clearer water and cleaner inlets. Hang in there, the storm has passed. Ken Dillenburg

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Doesn’t being a city look great!

Excerpt from the Rockford Register Star

By Betsy Lopez Fritscher
Aug 20, 2010 @ 12:17 AM

BELVIDERE — Four months ago, Mayor Fred Brereton found a way to balance the city’s budget. Now he’s got a bigger challenge — fixing a $1.1 million hole in the same budget.

The majority of the financial woes stem from late state payments.

“It’s a combination of decreased revenues and the state of Illinois being four months behind on income tax,” Brereton said, noting the city has not received about $700,000.

The spending plan approved in April didn’t incorporate layoffs or service cuts, but the city did institute a hiring freeze and wage freezes for some employees. Some aldermen contended layoffs should have been an option, but the majority didn’t agree.

“What bailed us out was the utility tax, but that can’t bail us out again,” Racz, who voted for the tax’s use, said. “We can still reduce spending.”

When the City Council approved the $11.8 million budget on April 19, it left a $1.9 million hole to plug after aldermen failed to approve moving the city’s utility tax dollars to the general fund to pay salaries.

That was fixed in a 7-3 vote May 3 when aldermen amended the municipal code to allow all utility tax dollars to be permanently housed in the city’s general fund.

Alds. Clint Morris, Mark Sanderson and Ray Pendzinski opposed the freeing of tax dollars that would otherwise be used for road and infrastructure projects.

posted by Ken Dillenburg

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where do these people live?

Thirty to forty people attended the Timberlane meeting Thursday evening. Caledonia had pretty strong attendance as well Tuesday evening. I wish a thousand could have attended these meetings to be as shocked as I was by what was being said about our home. It certainly was not the Candlewick in which I live.

I was unable to attend the Caledonia meeting but I was told some of the statements representatives of the more government group made and the local papers reported some of it as well. Those wanting more government are making statements about our home community that in my opinion are so demeaning it should be embarrassing for them to say. These are the same folks who talk about our property values declining. Do they not realize their own statements are detrimental to the attractiveness of our community to others? It would appear they feel there is nothing in Candlewick that is any good including public safety, the board, management, and more. Everything is bad and they are thrilled to say so. We are full of gangs and crime is rampant from their accounts. It is so odd that myself and most others feel happy and safe here. Inexplicable.

I was in attendance at the Timberlane meeting with many Candlewick supporters to hear some of the same statements that I had been told were made in Caledonia. I found it very hard to sit and listen to it but I did, quietly, as did other supporters of our community, until they were done with their destructive rhetoric. We then brought forth some of the good things here in Candlewick, mentioning among other things the heroic acts of public safety this last weekend as well as how much we love our lifestyle. It will be interesting to see if the local newspapers choose to report the good things we offered in support of our fine community.

Those wanting to add government can’t seem to grasp the concept that the village boards are elected to represent and protect their residents. No matter how wonderful or how badly Candlewick is perceived it is irrelevant to their mission. They have and will continue to serve in the best interest of those people to whom they have sworn duties. Candlewick incorporation has no possible reward for them and a lot of potential problems. They realize that only too well to the dismay of those who believe more government is the answer to all problems.

Ken Dillenburg

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank you to Timberlane

It seems I am handing out a lot of “thanks” lately but Timberlane was also most gracious in their reception to both sides of the issue of incorporation as had been Caledonia. They allowed ample time for input on the issue from the decent size crowd that had gathered for the meeting. There was not even a complaint from what was probably the glare from all the “no to incorporation” buttons affixed to many participants.

After all the dust had settled the board decided to indefinitely table the issue since Caledonia had already given a “no” vote a few days ago, thus making Timberlane’s vote meaningless in their eyes. Poplar Grove as you will recall has also decided not to act on the issue.

In our opinion Timberlane acted in the best interest of those whom they represent by not giving an affirmative vote to allow incorporation. As was brought up by the Pride, Timberlane is running well, Candlewick is running well, and nothing is to be gained by Timberlane allowing incorporation of Candlewick. Only possible problems could be the result. We appreciate your thoughtful response.

Ken Dillenburg

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vic Catella

(Update on Ken's story below)
Ever wonder how you would react if you came across someone in a perilous situation?

CWL Safety Officer Vic Catella arrived at a rollover scene near the West Gate shortly after the accident. He crawled into the overturned car, unbuckled a teenage girl's seat belt and safely removed her from the vehicle. Thereafter Vic secured the scene and directed traffic until Sheriff's deputies arrived.

Perhaps to Vic, with years of experience in policing and public safety, it's just part of the job. But to many of us he displayed the brave, cool headed resolve we'd hope to emulate if faced with a similar situation. Great job Vic. I hear the sun shines a little brighter today for one CWL family.

Randy Budreau

Thank you to Caledonia

The Caledonia board voted five to zero to protect their residents from future problems if Candlewick Lake were to become a city. After all the rhetoric presented by the group wishing more government the Caledonia board did not lose sight of their primary responsibility to vote in the best interests of their constituents. They are to be commended for their action in denying the request for permission to incorporate.

Their action also was in the best interest of the Candlewick Lake community itself. Our association has been operating well financially, increasing police protection, working to clean our lake environment for the benefit of all, and not as an association interfering in the operations of the surrounding villages. That is as it should be.

We had indicated prior to the meeting the Pride would be sending just a token representation to clarify any issues in question. We were treated again with courtesy and we thank Caledonia for that as well.

Ken Dillenburg

Candlewick board meeting of August 17

Probably the most striking point in the meeting was the announcement by management of the heroic actions of a member of our public safety team. Last weekend there was a rollover accident in our west gate area. Our public safety department responded to find the rolled car smoking with a young lady still in the vehicle. Our officer at risk to his own safety approached the car and extricated the girl from the car before she could be further injured. I did not catch the officer’s name but thank you is in order to this heroic public safety employee. I will tell you this, they are there when we need them. Those making statements disparaging that department should take heed of this and many more instances. Good work!

The CC&Rs will be going again to our attorneys for final revisions after the public meetings and hopefully final drafts will be in the hands of the property owners by the end of September for reading and a vote. Also included in the packet will be a couple other items for input from the property owners to the board regarding issues under consideration such as lake speed limit policies and any interest in constructing a resident fee based truck parking area by maintenance. You input will be appreciated before further action.

There was discussion on the number of lake treatments and inspections for weeds and algae this year. It has been extensive but a few points need to be taken into consideration. (These are my comments, not the board’s) This summer has been exceptionally hot, with some of the shallows reaching a water temperature of 86 degrees, which is far from the norm. The continuing agitation of the sediment on the bottom as the dredging progresses must be having an effect on lake clarity as well as raising the temperature with the darkening water as well as adding nutrients from the bottom. Other lakes in the area are suffering as well with the same malady as ours. My suggestion? Let’s just tough it out this year and see what comes next year. We could have a much clearer lake and the problem will be solved. If not, there are treatments available, although expensive, that can be pursued. Just hang in there for the year.

The east gate will have a new message board with electronic messaging that can be changed quickly and remotely, keeping it up to date and saving labor costs being incurred with the constant physical replacement of messages. Time table? Not sure, but soon.

Automatic doors for our rec center were approved for purchase and installation by Rock Doors. Sounds a little costly at around $4,800.00 but for the handicapped it is really a necessity so it is hard to argue against. We all deserve reasonable access to our own buildings. Some day it could benefit any of us.

Roads…….An engineering plan was approved for video scanning of all of our 26 miles of roads so the speed of deterioration can be tracked and plans can be made for which areas to prioritize for repair or replacement. This sounds like a lot of money at $20,000.00 but remember this is a project that will run into the millions when completed so it has to be handled correctly. This is a prudent expenditure including boring for base depth and checking road edges. Wendler (sp) Engineering is handling the project. It also needs to be remembered originally the plan was just to rip out, rebase, and replace every road in here so this is by far the more intelligent approach to the problem and our board should be congratulated for their more cost effective approach.

Our finance report shows we are still in good shape with most departments coming in under budget again so operations are running smoothly. Thank you to all the team for their efforts in this regard.

A motion was approved to revert to the newsletter’s old editorial policy of 350 word limits as well as elimination of the incorporation page after the September edition. Although I have been one of those submitting a lot of the editorials I made no objection. Most that needs to be said has been said on the issue at this point so the purpose was fulfilled, letting us all vent our feelings on the issue. Thank you to the board for their consideration in this matter.

As always, this is an unofficial compilation of main board actions strictly from personal notes and should be considered as such. Finalized minutes will be available in the newsletter.

Submitted by Ken Dillenburg

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A point to ponder

As you hear all the numbers and scenarios regarding how things would progress if we were to incorporate don’t forget one very important fact. Those putting forth the rhetoric are doing so upon the assumption they will be running the show if incorporation was to pass. That is not necessarily to be the case.

They can not possibly know which people will be appointed to set up the fledgling government and those will be the ones making the decisions until the first city election. It is entirely probable the group promoting more government will put forth a slate of candidates for the judge’s consideration but that doesn’t mean those will be selected.

It is also a strong possibility the Pride would put up it’s own slate of candidates with the purpose of protecting the rights of the new city’s residents from the city itself. There would probably also be other independents throwing their hats in for consideration with differing agendas.

No one at this point has any idea who will be making the decisions in the remote possibility a yes vote would be forthcoming on the incorporation issue but be assured, the only certainty would be uncertainty……………and putting your trust in an unknown group of people is about as dangerous as it gets.

Ken Dillenburg

Monday, August 16, 2010

If you can make it....

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday the 17th, the regular meeting of the Candlewick board of directors will be held. There will be an informal open discussion for a half hour before the meeting. The meeting itself starts at 7 p.m. This is your chance to have yourself heard during open discussion as well as keeping up on the actions of your board during the formal meeting. It would be great to see you there. Our attending group members will even have a few extra buttons along for anyone requesting them.

If your schedule prevents you from attending we will as usual have an unofficial report of the main actions of the board for you to read here Wednesday. Have a good Monday!

Ken Dillenburg

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ted Biondo’s insight

For any of you not familiar with Ted, he is a very intelligent man who writes occasionally in the Rockford Register-Star newspaper. He has extensive experience with the Rockford school board finances as well as Rockford College and is highly thought of in governmental circles. A pull no punches guy, he calls it as he sees it. Below is an excerpt from this Sunday’s piece discussing tax issues. His insightful analysis may come as a surprise to some. Enjoy………

"Many people think that tax caps are a limit on the property tax rate they pay each year. That’s not true. Actually, tax caps are a limit on the growth in total property taxes collected annually by each taxing district, to the rate of inflation or 5%, which ever is less. Tax caps do not limit the tax rates, nor the property tax paid by any individual homeowner, tax caps only limit growth to the taxing bodies.

So, even if property values drop, the tax rates can go up to a) their statutory limits as approved by referendum or the maximum limits set by the state or b) increase by an amount that allows the total taxes collected to increase by the rate of inflation, as determined in December of the previous year.

In December of 2009 the Consumer Price Index CPI was 2.7%. Therefore, the tax rate of a taxing district may increase until the taxes collected by the various districts this year are 2.7% more than they were last year, as long as the statutory limits are not exceeded."

Please keep this in mind when approached with projected savings by the more government group. Food for thought.

Ken Dillenburg

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A picture worth a thousand words!

Our new button kind of says it all, doesn't it. NO to incorporation. YES to keeping our current association lifestyle, gates, and all the great things we enjoy. We have a limited quantity of these buttons. If you would like to wear one send us an email with your name and phone number and we will get one to you at no charge.
(excuse the flash in the picture...the buttons are shiny)
Ken Dillenburg

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wall Street Journal of Aug 12

Indianapolis is selling their water and sewer system
Milwaukee considers leasing it’s water and sewer system
San Jose, California is studying privatizing it’s system
Pittsburgh’s mayor is considering privatizing their system

Why would I mention this? As many of you will recall, the more government group had and may still have as one of it’s main goals buying and operating our water and sewer system after we would incorporate and become a city. They were sure it was a good idea and the city could operate it better than the current experienced owners and lower our bills accordingly, even after taking on the legal fees necessary for eminent domain as well as the massive debt to buy the system.
Kind of gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it. Other cities bailing but we know better.

Ken Dillenburg

Thursday, August 12, 2010

And then there are park districts

Rockford park district

This is another example of how governmental districts can not be controlled regarding tax increases. There are always ways for them to keep accessing your wallet.

Quoted from the Rockford newspaper regarding the Rockford park district. Remember a park district is also being considered when discussion incorporation plans for Candlewick.

"In other business, district Chief Financial Officer Stacie Talbert presented the board with a financial forecast through the year 2013.

Talbert said even though the district expects to see the value of the properties in the district drop, the district should still receive an increase in property tax collection because tax rates will continue to rise."

Like the sound of that? Neither do I.
Ken Dillenburg

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lake management meeting

Tuesday evening's meeting was short but had some interesting moments. Rich Witt brought in a bottle of water he had taken from the spot the retention pond is draining into the creek below the dam. It was really quite transparent and the stream he indicated looked just the same as always, showing no ill effects. The water still goes through some further wetlands before Boone Lake so things are looking good in that respect.
The committee is joining forces with the Coon Creek Casters to get a larger discount on our purchases for restocking fish this year. We hope to get some larger Walleye than normal to ensure survivability as well as other species.

Muskrats are being trapped with nine caught to date.

The lake will be entirely no-wake during the movement of the tubes to begin dredging the north fingers of the lake. It should take no more than a couple days to complete the move and it will begin shortly when the current inlet they are working on is finished.

Our lake is scheduled for weed treatment August 12th and the normal precautions will apply. No swimming for 24 hours and no eating fish for three days after the treatment.

The Bass tournament is still scheduled for September 25 but it is dependent upon dredging progress. More info. to come.

Suggested clarification in the language of guest fishing rules was discussed for CWL board presentation and possible approval.

Unofficially submitted by Ken Dillenburg

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The evolution

The following are statements of the pro-incorporation folks. Maybe you can figure it out.

Candlewick can incorporate whether the surrounding villages give permission or not..........next

We are just asking their permission to be nice..........next

They are not being good neighbors.........next

We are being held hostage.........next

We are talking to our lawyers

Am I the only one that feels this indicates the kind of co-operation the surrounding villages could expect if we became a city? Kind of sounds to me like stormy weather on the horizon that could come in the future.
Can you hear the thunder?
Ken Dillenburg

Monday, August 9, 2010

What you could expect!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I keep getting emails (complaints) telling me the pro-incorporation group is still out trying to get petition signatures coming to homes. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, the 200 signatures they need is nothing, so why does the effort continue? Let me put forth my thoughts on the issue. No proof, just a guess.

So far they have gone door to door many times, they have held a rally with games, raffles, and a D.J, they have set up stands near the gates then moved to other locations, tried to get online signatures, and who knows what else. Why would they do this?

Here is my theory for what it is worth. I believe they are trying to get well over the 200 signatures, possibly at least 500, in order to try to prove they have standing to ask for a ballot and permission from the villages. The higher number would also assure the petitions would not be thrown out due to signatures of those not registered to vote.

Now here is the thing to remember. Even the higher number should be no problem. Why? Because the very old ploy is undoubtedly being used telling the residents they don’t have to be for the issue, they simply must believe that in America we have the right to decide for ourselves by a vote. Makes it tough to say no even if you are dead against the issue, right? Out of the thousands of voters in Candlewick it should be no problem getting a pretty good number to sign when worded correctly.

How many would sign if a petition were carried to promote almost any cause if it were worded as a patriotic thing to be allowed to vote? We must also remember if a home is approached normally there will be two voters there to sign but a vote to give assets to the city will take the majority with one vote per property owner in a separate election. I am sure not giving my assets away to a new city. There is a lot to consider in this issue.

Why do I bring this up? I want to put the petitions into perspective if and when they finally see the light of day. Time will tell.

Ken Dillenburg

Saturday, August 7, 2010

And it continues

A friend offered me a copy of the latest document those for more government are using in another attempt to persuade voters incorporation is the route to go. I took the time to read the three page document and the thing that struck me was it is for the most part the same arguments used when this whole thing started months ago. You know what you thought of the plan then and you know now as well.
Some time ago I detailed many of the problems inherent in their plan and I doubt you would be interested in hearing them all again. Suffice it to say the propaganda is basically the same. Give us more government and all will be well. Yep, that is working well everywhere else, isn’t it?

Ken Dillenburg

Friday, August 6, 2010

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change…

I can’t help but compare what is going on within our gates to the off-Broadway musical from where I borrowed the title for this piece. Basically, the play is about love and relationships – yeah, we love the package and even buy into it for all sorts of reasons, but then we want to change the one we love. Sound familiar?? When we decided to move to CWL we had to love it enough to move here – the lake, the gates, the rural setting, the home values, whatever; but now there are those who want to change the very thing they loved. As in the play this seldom, if ever, works in the real world and I do not believe it will work in CWL either. With positives come negatives and it is our responsibility to learn as many of these as we can BEFORE we make a commitment. It is not fair to a spouse to try to change them AFTER the “I do’s” have been said and it is not fair to our community to try to do the same thing.

While change can be a positive thing it is most successful best when done in small increments which can be easily altered if they do not work. We need to break out and identify what needs to be done within Candlewick, prioritize those items, move forward making corrections and/or changes and do them in a timely and responsible manner.

Submitted by Bonnie Marron

Thursday, August 5, 2010

For boater's safety

The east end of the lake is now a no-wake zone due to the danger from rising discharge tubes. The existing white buoys have been temporarily moved out past the orange marker buoys to clearly mark the no-wake area. When it is safe to do so the white buoys will again be placed in their prior position.

Speaking of the lake, any of us using our lake have noticed lately there is a lot of algae. It makes many activities unpleasant as we all know. My wife and I decided to take a walk near the Lion's shelter on Pierce lake, about fifteen miles from here. It appears the problem is not just here. I have fished from the Lion's shelter before and this year it is completely unfishable due to weeds and algae. I don't believe a boat could even go there. This is on the tollway end of the lake. The bad area extends well to the south into the body of the lake. We drove over the dam at the opposite end and I was surprised to find a bay near the dam also had a lot of thick algae. It must just be the hot weather. Pierce has a better lake current than ours with the perpetual small creek running through it and it still is in rough shape. All we can do is tough it out I guess and wait for fall to clear the water. Boone lake is almost completely covered I see as well.

Have a good Thursday counting the blessings of living in Candlewick. Ken Dillenburg

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thank you Caledonia

Some of the Pride board attended the Caledonia meeting Tuesday evening and we appreciate the cordial greeting from Mr Fritz and the group as a whole. They allowed us to provide input during their meeting concerning the incorporation issue. They obviously have a good grasp on the potential problems for their village if Candlewick were to incorporate. They have done their homework so about all we did was clarify a few points for the leaders. They also understand the majority of the Candlewick residents are not in favor of the continuation of the proposed action toward incorporation in our opinion.

Their decision was to take the request made my the more government group to their attorney to see if any response was actually required. I doubt there is any statute requiring a response from the village but they are being prudent in their action.

Not much further comment needed, they obviously are representing their constituents well as evidenced by their continuing actions. Caledonia residents should appreciate their leaders concern for Caledonia's best interests.

Ken Dillenburg

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The permission requirements

Why do you suppose those rules were adopted that make it necessary for an area wishing to incorporate obtain permission from any surrounding municipality within one and one half miles of their border? Do you suppose some legislator was bored and decided he needed to write some new statute? Why was the measure passed?

None of us believe that. I am sure that requirement was put into place because of problems that had developed between existing cities and villages that were too close together. Our situation is really unique having three villages not only within the 1 1/2 mile limit but each village has the 1 1/2 mile area extending well within Candlewick. Who could blame the villages for protecting their residents from future problems that could develop with a new city abutting their boundaries?

As I keep repeating, all village leaders will, as they should, act in the best interest of their constituents. They have proven themselves in the past.

Ken Dillenburg

Monday, August 2, 2010

On a lighter note....

Why can a bicycle not stand on it's own? It's two tired.
A girl was engaged to a man with a wooden leg but she broke it off.
A will is a dead give-away.
If you don't pay your exorcist you will be re-possessed.
If you've seen one shopping center you've seen a mall.

(The above blatantly stolen from the current Barrons)

I have to throw something else in here so you don't think senility has finally taken over.......Remember, those spending all your donations on legal fees are the same ones wanting to incorporate because they will spend your taxes more wisely. Enough said.

Enjoy your Monday, I hope you had a smile......Ken Dillenburg

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A little more on CPAC

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post regarding the past good works of CPAC until it veered off it's original course. There is one action which I find especially disturbing in their recent actions.

I am sure most of us have had students from North Boone for example coming to our door selling items to benefit the football program in their school. I know I have donated in the past with full expectation it would be used for that specific cause. How would any of us feel if the fund drive had changed to new leaders and they decided football is just too violent and they wanted all contact sports eliminated from the school in the name of safety? To that end your donations were used to pay a retainer to a law firm in an effort to force their plan on the school. I for one would be furious. I believe you would feel the same.

CPAC over the years has received donations from individuals working toward the betterment of our association and the Candlewick lifestyle. The meeting I attended yesterday detailed CPAC's use of the donated funds for retention of attorneys it would appear to continue their goal of incorporating our community against the will of the property owners. I feel sure the majority of those who gave their own hard earned money in the form of donations thought they were aiding their association, not trying to destroy it. To me this is indefensible. If not for the incorporation issue they have been pursuing I can see no reason for that expenditure and I invite CPAC to offer information proving me wrong. As I stated here on another issue not long ago, if I am proven wrong I will apologize here publicly. The issue I brought forward before proved to be true and no apology was needed.

Nothing would make me happier than to see CPAC get back on course and help, rather than divide, our community. It can be accomplished with the right leadership and commitment. The statement has been made indicating they were asked to investigate the issue and that is true. The respondents to the Candlewick survey many months ago showed something like 19% said yes, investigate it. As I recall I was one of those who said I would like to see the pros and cons to the issue. That was not a mandate from me or others to try to force incorporation on our community. Step back, CPAC, and look at your motives. Return to your roots or I and many more will remember this action when we are asked to donate again to CPAC. Rejoin with us in trying to improve our community homeowners association.

Ken Dillenburg