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Friday, October 12, 2012

I guess “intense” would be the word

Thursday evening at the special open board meeting we discussed next year’s budgeting requirements. This is very early in the process but in this meeting Tracy (G.M.) brought forth the list of expenditures the department heads requested for the next fiscal year as well as other projections on reserves and his thoughts.
This turned into a fairly long meeting as we scrutinized many of the requests and several were scrapped for next year due to funding concerns. We must prioritize even though some of the dropped items would have been nice. There was a fair amount of disagreement on some of the proposals but this is one thing of many I like about this board, we can disagree, sometimes heatedly, but when it is over we all walk away with no hard feelings. Everyone in that meeting had the best interests of Candlewick in mind and we all know it. You win some and lose some.
One thing that was definitely agreed upon is moving forward with lake remediation. It will not be cheap but as the centerpiece of our community we MUST have an attractive, usable lake. I’ll keep you in the loop as this develops.
Ken Dillenburg