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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Belvidere Chamber of Commerce

  Since our last board meeting I have spoken with several people regarding my decision to vote “no” on the motion to continue membership. Some P.O.s have told me of advantages to membership and prior board members have mentioned help the Chamber has provided in the past. Much of this I did not know. There was also support for my “no” vote.
  The point had been made it is "only" a few cents per P.O. As soon as I hear "only" I do not react well. To me that word should never enter into any budgeting or payment process. "Only" makes it too easy to spend.
  Karl Steiskal attended the lunch meeting with the head of the Council a few days ago and was kind enough to fill me in on more things the Council does for us. This issue will once again be on the agenda at the next regular board meeting for further discussion and a possible new vote. We’ll see where it goes at that time.
Ken Dillenburg