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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

O.K., so here’s the thing………..

The Candlewick Pride was formed originally with the purpose of stopping the push to incorporate our community and to support our association. We have been true to our goals.
During last week’s Pride meeting part of the discussion revolved around something that has been bothering me for a while and I found others share my concern. We are no different than any other group in the fact we do not always agree on all issues, much as the Candlewick Board does not always agree. In both cases the goal understood by all is the betterment of the community but the action specifics are at times different.
I have written here for a long time and I have tried to make it clear my writing reflects my feelings only and not necessarily the opinion of the Pride as a whole. Same thing with the Candlewick Board. I can not speak for the board any more than I can for the Pride. So many people believe what I write is Pride consensus and that is not necessarily the case. I have mentioned this before but it doesn’t seem to stick.
This situation must be remedied and the only way to make the case is to change the name of the blog and start anew. I want to be able to relay my thoughts without repercussions to Pride members so I am going to start a new blog called the Candlewick View. The link in the post above will take you to the new site where I can share without worrying if I am putting other group members into an uncomfortable situation.
The Pride Group is as strong as ever but I feel this is necessary and it will also free me to be able to make points I have at times avoided in the past for the above stated reasons. I hope you will bookmark the new site for reference. Thank you so much for your readership here and I hope to meet you “on the other side”. See you there!    Ken