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Friday, September 21, 2012

A comment at the end of the board meeting

A situation has bothered me for a while and I intend to try to remedy it. This seemed like an appropriate time to bring it up since I have no idea who plans to run for the board. I told the board members during the election of officers as the new board is seated there is only one person nominated for each office. This makes it not an election, but an appointment. My intention is to be sure at least two members are nominated for each office, making it an actual election. I also stated it makes absolutely no difference to me if I am nominated for anything at all. If I should be nominated I will be sure there is someone else nominated also even if I have to do so myself.
I intended to bring this up during any lull in the P.O. comment time during the meeting. There was no time but I want all to know my thoughts. I heard no disagreement from the board when I brought this up.

Ken Dillenburg