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Monday, September 24, 2012

“Why me?”……… Never!

It seems appropriate today to recognize the person I admire most in the world. She has never seen the stars, never driven a car, and never been able to see the faces of any of her great grandchildren.
What she has done is raised three sons and done it well. She has set an example for her grandchildren and many others, showing almost anything can be achieved with the proper mindset. Her intelligence and memory are unquestioned. She cooks, maintains a spotless home, does the laundry, irons, and much more. She has for years been a solid Christian. She loves to fish and is shockingly good at it. Listening to the wind in the pines in Northern Wisconsin as well as sensing the hills and listening to the cattle mooing in Southwestern Iowa are her favorite things on short trips. All this and a great sense of humor to go with it.
Not once have I heard her ask why this had to happen to her. She senses “sees” things most of us would overlook. Her determination that this challenge will never get her down plus her just plain “guts” makes this woman someone I am so lucky to have at my side. She will never read this or probably even know it is written. That’s O.K.

Happy Birthday Fran.  Love, Ken