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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday night board meeting

Our meeting was attended by a reporter from a local paper. I would assume this was mainly to acquire information regarding our lake condition, which was of course a major discussion during the open mic portion of the meeting. The possibilities for remediation of our lake going forward were discussed but they were the same subjects we have discussed here in the past so I will not waste your time repeating them. As expected the Naysayers were sure the lake problem is due to board negligence. I can only assume they believe we should have consulted the weather Gods to demand more rain and less heat during this record breaking year and of course every other lake in trouble this year should have done the same. Same old story, everything is wrong and unfair to those few.
It was nice to see Rich Witt comment on the good people of Candlewick, mentioning one in particular who showed up at 6 a.m. one morning riding a bike with a snow shovel across the handle bars to help clean up the goose poop so another person doing the same could get done early and go to another event.
Dominic DeMay came to the mic for the sole purpose of complimenting the board on the good work being done, the way the money is being handled, and the long hours the board puts in on the job. It is nice to hear positive comments occasionally, especially with the media present, and I thank both he and Rich. It will be interesting to see the slant given by the reporter in his piece. Remember the old saying.....”if it bleeds it leads.”
Barb McDermott spoke regarding a citation she was given for something a contractor had done. She felt it was unfair. The matter was to be discussed in executive session.
The Naysayers of course once again repeated the same old complaints of unfairness, even admitting the questions were the same as usual but they didn't feel they had been answered adequately. That is their right to believe as they wish but one of them became so loud and offensive he was told if it continued he would be asked to leave. After the meeting I asked one of them if he would be helping with the leaf clean up and get a little dirt under his nails. To my shock (not) he said he was too busy. As I asked the question he was too busy tearing up a paper and tossing it on the table in front of Bonnie for her to clean up, indicating this is what he thought of a response he had been emailed. Classy.
Now on to the regular meeting........
Gaydeane, Faggestead, our accounting manager, was given a five year employee award.
Jeff, our treasurer gave the report indicating we are still very solvent and coming in around $40,000 under budget in the operating account for the fiscal year to date. He also unveiled a new form that will be published in the Candlewick paper showing in greater detail our financial position in different segments including comparisons to budget and actual. I think you will like this form produced by Gaydeane for you.
Don reported the ECC is looking for a new member as well as another alternate. It is a sad thing that Karen Pearson, a very good long time member, will be leaving due to a move to Florida. She is wished the best. Both she and her husband Dan have been very active in our community. Applications should go to Val Alt in the office. Applicants should have some knowledge of building.
Steve reported Lake Management is continuing the research into lake remediation as I mentioned before. Joe Rush (biologist) will be here again this week taking more lake samples for testing. Every time we do this it is costly but we must stay on top of lake conditions so we know when the toxins are at a safe level again so all can once again enjoy the lake. Steve also reported the leaf collection days this year will be October 27 and November 3 at the maintenance area. Volunteers are of course needed.
Karl reported on several new programs being put together for the enjoyment of all ages. There are too many to list here but announcements of each will be forthcoming here as well as in e-blasts plus our paper so stay tuned. Just a few are ballroom dancing, 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, zumba, senior exercise, and mom and me time. In the future plans are to consider snowman building contests, ping pong, painting, studio time,and various sports instruction. This will be one busy rec center!
I reported the road project that was contracted to Rabine is now finished with our guys working on shouldering. Rabine has been paid for the originally contracted work. I won't go into the details of my report because I have already covered it here. This will be my last formal roads report until spring when the process starts again. I made the motion, which passed unanimously, to make the Roads ADHOC into a standing commission due to the continuing project. I hope to retain all the talent we currently have involved for a smooth continuation of the yearly project of road maintenance.
Chuck reported on the golf commission meeting in which discussion included the idea of pumping water into the adjacent sedimentation pond then from there pumped into the sprinklers for the golf course the improve the water quality for the course. This is standard procedure for many courses. He also reported the new tapper is in for draft beer and the T.V.s now are HD for better viewing of football. This was accomplished at not cost.
Bad debt was written off in the amount of $5,350.49 due to 4 foreclosures, 1 chapter 7, and 1 move out without contact. Our tornado sirens have to be upgraded at a cost of $3,500.00 and our office software is not compatible and is not communicating so it must be replaced at a cost of $493.49.
As always, this is simply my report from meeting notes and is not the official minutes. Be sure to read the complete report in the Candlewick newspaper.

Ken Dillenburg