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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why the lake closure?

 I won't try to go into a lot of the technical detail here but the results came back from our lake biologist (Joe Rush) and they were not good. Some areas of the lake like the beach are not bad but that can change very quickly with the drift of the blue green algae bloom on the lake. Samples taken from areas that have the surface residue of thick algae show toxin concentrations far above danger levels and when mixed with water from the center of the lake without the floating scum the level is still far, far too high to be safe. If boats are allowed on the lake it will mix the toxins with all the water compounding the problem.
 Since we have been advised regarding this issue we are obligated to act for the safety of our residents so all lake activity is suspended until further tests show it is again safe to use. An algae bloom normally takes three to five weeks to run it's course so we already have a couple weeks behind us and this shouldn't be a long term thing. Remember the hundred degree days and no rain? We have a stagnant pool. The new thrusters have been turned off to avoid further mixing.
  There is a minimal risk of this being an airborne threat as well although it is not proven at this point. Personally if we have the odor at our home I am closing the windows as a precaution but that is just me. Boating just raises the possibility of an airborne problem due to the spray from the wakes.
  Joe will cover all this at tonight's board meeting so a lot more detail will be available to you there. Are we being overly reactive to this? Maybe, but how would you feel if we left the lake open as usual and someone became ill? We're not going to chance it.
Ken Dillenburg