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Thursday, August 2, 2012

A few comments on the Town Hall open forum

Of course the naysayers were given their five minutes each at the mic as were all of those wishing to speak. I was determined to simply take notes and listen but I really need to comment on one charge that was thrown at me personally. I could not let this pass as the venomous orations spilled out from those few.
It was publicly stated that I told someone to sit down and shut the XXXX up. I will neither write nor say the word. I spoke up immediately to let everyone in the room know I do not swear. From the back of the room came the shout from one of the naysayer “Let’s pull the tapes.” As I told the entire audience, pull any tape you wish and you will find no swearing from me. The board agreed.
I am a Christian and I make no secret of that. Most of the accusations made toward me that night I simply let roll off my back but when my religious convictions are questioned that is the line not to cross.
Ken Dillenburg