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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Unofficial report on Tuesday night’s board meeting…part 1

I may not be able to get a complete report out today due to a funeral and visitation I am attending starting this morning. Anything missing, probably including the Naysayer alert will be a day late.
Joe Rush, our lake biologist/manager was in attendance for a Q&A that lasted for some time. He was very informative in his explanation of the dangers of blue/green algae blooms and his reason for asking us to close the lake. He is looking at actions to help avoid such serious blooms in the future including adding more filtering plantings, and yes, a possible alum treatment as well as other options. He had been on the lake just before the meeting and noted the algae had moved again, now to the east side of the lake as well as some other areas. This means the worst areas of contamination will not be contained, but will drift, making this impossible to know where the worst areas will be but also the bulk of our lake is infected with this toxin. One good point is the odor means the algae is dying and starting to run it’s course. The lake will revert back to normal before too long a time. Monitoring will continue until we can sound the all clear.
Naturally the very dry and hot conditions contributed greatly to this problem. No water is entering the lake from the inlets at this time so there is stagnation. The idea of using new wells or the well from the golf course to supplement lake water was discussed again. The golf course well was used many years ago but was shut down as I recall due to complaints from Caledonia residents that we were draining their aquifers. That is strictly my recollection and may not be accurate. All ideas will be investigated by lake management for future courses of action.
Ken Dillenburg