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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tuesday unofficial board minutes….part3

There will be a “Wounded Warrior” catch and release bass tournament held here in honor of Iraq veteran James Gosnell. 50% of the receipts will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Foundation. The rules will be the same as for our other bass tournaments and no guest boats will be allowed on the lake per our rules.
Neighbors helping neighbors will be held again this year. This is the project to provide Christmas gifts and dinners to needy Candlewick families. We will be starting with ten families again and building from there according to response.
Barb Appelhans will be designated as our official Candlewick photographer. You have undoubtedly noticed her at pretty much every event here taking snapshots. This is a time consuming duty that deserves a position.
The subject of aggressive dogs was discussed and sent to public safety with the request to adopt some stern policies concerning this issue. Fines and banning the animals was discussed. Our residents deserve to feel safe walking our streets with or without their pets.
We are planning a “meet the candidates” night for those running for office from district 1. This has nothing to do with the Candlewick board election, simply an attempt to allow our residents as well as those residing outside Candlewick to see, hear, and question the candidates on issues of concern. The plan is for an October date to be set.
October 20, a Saturday, from ten until noon will be the next Town Hall for resident input regarding the Candlewick experience. Time for the good, bad, and ugly to be expressed. All residents are welcome.
For the complete official minutes please watch for the Candlewick Newspaper. What you read here is simply a quick synopsis.
Ken Dillenburg