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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And then there is Savannah Oaks

It is no secret the golf course is a drain on resources but it is here and we are obligated to keep it not only as an amenity but also when the lots were sold it was a sale made as golf course lots so it is mandated. Where does this leave us?
We naturally want to stem the bleeding as much as possible but we must also realize the golf course is not a money maker any more than the swimming pool, the lake, or the tennis courts. A golf course is expensive to run with the sprinkler system, well, and grounds in general needing constant maintenance and repair. We have to live with that.
Last year we took a look at closing for the winter and I am sure we will look at it again this year. It is not as easy as just turning the key in the lock and walking away. The course must be shut down properly, draining the sprinkler lines and preparing in general for winter. This can not be done before golfing has stopped. Next in the spring prep must start early, before the course opens, in order to be ready for the season. There is also the perishable product in the club house that has to be liquidated before it goes out of date. Utilities must be left on all winter open or closed. Heat turned down of course but utility bills still arrive. I guess what I am saying is it looks a lot more cut and dried than it really is.
As I said, I know we will look at it again this year and see what savings can be achieved. Who knows, if we start the planning early enough it would be worth three months or so shut down. It will be pursued, count on it.

Ken Dillenburg