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Friday, August 24, 2012

A couple more board meeting notes

Louann Gotsch reported vacation Bible School held here at Candlewick was well received with good attendance. That is good news.
Bernie Barc when speaking of our current toxic algae problem mentioned the well by the golf course that was dug for the purpose of having fresh water coming into the lake as well as a recommendation that was made some time ago to use a scum sucking machine to remove the surface residue when it forms and dispose of it. 
My memory was the well was shut off due to Caledonia's concern we were draining their aquifers but Bernie had a different recollection so I am not sure what the reasoning was. The well is now used as the water source for maintaining Savannah Oaks. When it was used for the lake it put out a huge stream into Fisherman's cove.
I mentioned covering the naysayer alert in a different post but frankly when reading my notes it again would be the same old stuff. Naysayers feel I am worthless and should be removed from the board by the other members. And so it goes.
Ken Dillenburg