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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One drain on your association’s finances

While the naysayers love to swear your board and management are unable to handle your dues more responsibly than they could there is one aspect they seemingly avoid. Have any of you ever retained the services of a lawyer? Of course your association has a lawyer to help with collection of past due accounts and documents but there is another area that can be expensive and it relates directly to the naysayers.
Each time one of them brings up some act or rule they say is not according to law we must get a legal opinion. There have been several times just in the last year we have done so in order to protect you as well as to be sure we are on firm ground. When one of them says “we’ll sue” we have to inform our (your) attorney and it is never free. Attorneys charge hundreds of dollars per hour and who do you suppose is paying the tab? You guessed it, you are.
The next time one of these few tries to convince you they are working to help our community remind them of that. We will continue to protect you from potential lawsuits but remember, it is not free, and there are many better ways that money could be spent.
Ken Dillenburg