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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tuesday unofficial board meeting report…part 2

The posts are now painted black as part of the rejuvenation of our tennis courts. Next the black vinyl coated chain link fencing will be installed so the project is getting close to completion. This will be gorgeous when finished. Take a look when you get a chance.
Our treasurer, Jeff, reported our financial condition is still good with ample funds in our accounts and we are coming in under budgeted expenses at this time. Our funds on hand total $4,073,361 but as I always mention we must finish the fiscal year as well as pay for the capital projects from reserves so this number will not hold. That being said, we are looking good!
Karate classes will be starting in September, the walking path is marked and waiting for further action, and Karl Steiskal will be holding a class this Saturday on vegetable garnishing which I will report in greater detail on another post.
The idea of electric aggregation was dropped due to the possibility of Candlewick being classified as a utility since we are an association.
Bad debt was written off in the amount of $1,406.61. Regarding the bad debt issue, we are using all means to pursue any past debt that is owed to you, the property owners. You should not have to bear the burden of paying other’s debts.
Part time help from our maintenance department will be used to help with the huge shouldering and drainage project being done to protect our roads from standing water seeping under roads and undermining the paving. It is uncertain how many miles of road shoulders can be finished this fall but it is a priority.
Our motor on the Crestliner patrol boat has finally bit the dust after about 5,000 hours of use. We have spent thousands rebuilding that motor in the past so it was decided to buy a new one at the cost of about $8,500. That is a lot of money but it comes with a warranty and installation with controls and an hour counter. It had to be done.
The carpeting in the Dockside Grill is going to be replaced with tile. The carpeting has such ugly traffic paths it gives the grill an unclean appearance. The tile will be easier to 
More to come later.   Ken