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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Have you noticed Candlewick Boulevard?

Nice, isn't it. The surface looks like new paving. That is the plan, to extend the life of our better roads while repairing the ones that have deteriorated badly. This is a much more cost efficient way of handling our roads going forward. It was a headache for people using the front gate and it will be again early next week as the other lane is sealed but it will be worth it.
Now the downside. Most of the plan has gone well but we are not real satisfied with the shouldering work. Rabine has indicated they will handle the areas we are not happy with so long term it will be fine I am sure, but we want this to drain correctly......and it will.
Finishing the 28 miles of shoulders is going to be a monumental job for our maintenance department and some may not be finished this year as hoped. Think of this, it is about the same amount of road as from here to Janesville and both sides need to be done in some areas. We will go into 2013 looking a heck of a lot better but I can not be sure all shouldering will all be done in 2012. Your maintenance department will do their best.
Ken Dillenburg