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Friday, August 3, 2012

Just who are these “Naysayers”?

In case you are unable to make it to some of the board meetings, you may not know to whom I am referring. I’ll give you a little history.
Remember a year or two ago when some people decided it would be a great idea to tear down our gates, open up our community to the public, and set up a new layer of city government? You will undoubtedly remember that went down in flames as so many learned how ill advised the plan turned out to be.
The naysayers I mention are a little remnant of those folks that appear to be bitter at the result of their efforts and now are determined to find a “weed in the yard” so to speak, no matter how futile their efforts. The office has supplied copious documents to them and they continue to request more. That is fine, they are more than welcome to have them as long as they pay administrative costs for office labor and copies.
When they speak at the meetings indicating the shocking ineptitude of your board and management please try to remember as I do that disappointment is a bitter pill. This too shall pass.
Ken Dillenburg