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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What in the world is this???

Yesterday some of us received an email from a small start-up newspaper that attempts to report Candlewick events. The email regarded the by-laws rewrites that are currently on hold due to pending legislation changes as well as poor wording that needs revision.

The email in question indicated the Pride group was involved in the proposed re-writes as well as another group. This is not true. The Pride Group has had no involvement in this effort and another listed group indicated to me personally they also had no part in it. "She is on her own" was the response to my inquiry.

The email also mentioned a door to door campaign would be starting soon to attempt to garner support for the bylaws and votes were requested. Any votes are meaningless to passage since they must be initiated by our board of directors and I am not sure the door to door solicitation is even in compliance with our current association rules. Our board announced last night they have no connection with that paper.

This whole attempt seems to have no base in reality. Your reaction is of course up to you but I want all to realize this appears to simply be one individual involved in this strange action.

Ken Dillenburg