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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Candidate Positions on INC

Some concerned homeowners were unaware that certain candidates for the board promoted incorporation this past year. The candidate profiles in the newsletter provided little evidence. A number of readers asked which candidates support and oppose incorporation. A partisan assessment follows.

Ken Dillenburg and Sandy Morse are Pride members and the two candidates topping the ballot. They strongly support our association, private lifestyle and property rights. They oppose incorporation.

Ken articulates the appreciation many share for our enjoyable community. His insightful commentaries promote our strengths. He matches his words with action. His service on the finance committee is but one example.

Sandy is a 24 year CWL homeowner. She generously volunteers for community service and currently chairs the Communications Committee. Sandy brings HR, accounting and IT skills to the table. She sparked resistance to incorporation when she challenged the one-sided presentation at the first “Townhall”.

At the bottom of the ballot are Walter Rosado and Phil Saia. Both have been vocal incorporation advocates.

From the October 11, 2010 Rockford Register:

Walter Rosado said he believes they’ll find a way for residents to trade in the association’s board of directors for a local government body and association dues for taxes.

“We’ve always known what we wanted to do,” Rosado said. “The fight’s not over. I’ve lived in Candlewick for eight miserable years.”

Phil Saia is the president of an incorporation group that pushed the INC agenda in 2010. After months of political conflict a deficient petition was dismissed in court.

Neither of the incumbents on the ballot, Pam Cangelosi and Don Parisi have declared a firm position on incorporation to the best of my knowledge. Don commented briefly on incorporation in the newsletter. I recommend that homeowners read those comments.

Politics aside, Pam and Don have already devoted many hours of competent, dedicated service to the community and deserve our appreciation.

Randy Budreau