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Thursday, February 24, 2011

By now it should be in your hands

The survey regarding incorporation that cost about $2,500.00 to mail out arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Needless to say, I circled the NO and it is already in the office. Remember you must sign the envelope on the designated signature line to have it be a valid vote. I know, it gets a little specific but they have to keep track of who has voted to assure none of the “vote early and often” that can happen.

We ask that your get your vote in right away (obviously with the NO circled) to avoid additional mailings. We are looking at thousands of dollars more of your dues dollars being spent if they are not returned. That’s right, if you don’t mail them in or drop them off you will get another, then another. Three times these will be mailed hoping to get the needed votes.

This will be just the beginning if there is not a solid NO vote result. Next come the legal fees that I guarantee will be many, many thousands of dollars. I have posted in the following message one small sample of what will need to be waded through by lawyers. Add to the expense the continued division in our community and possible legal restraining orders and lawsuits and this will be a zoo.

Ken Dillenburg