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Friday, February 4, 2011

The snow…and the budget

This is one of the things that make association budgeting difficult. Who could have possibly predicted we would have a very snowy winter as well as the fourth largest snowstorm recorded ever in our area? The maintenance guys worked a lot of hours and many of those were overtime. They did a good job keeping our streets passable in horrible weather conditions. I can’t imagine anyone wanting them to not do the job regardless of cost.

We must remember these costs for labor, fuel, road treatment, anything associated with this storm all come from this fiscal year’s budget. No way around it. What was the cost? I am sure it has not been computed at this time but it will not be a small amount. We all need to be thankful we have been running lean and under budget all year so this will not be a budget buster. It will however certainly cut into the surplus. We will still come out nicely in the black and those holding down costs need to be thanked along with the plow drivers who worked such long hard hours for all of us.

Ken Dillenburg