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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dues credit….straight talk

Probably everyone knows by now most of us will be receiving a dues credit of $130.00 this year. I know I have posted here regarding it. The more government folks are trying to convince people it is because of them and their candidates should be voted onto the board. Let’s discuss that.

During the last couple fiscal years after paying off the deficits from prior years we were able to come up with a surplus of about $311,000.00 due to tight operations. The question was whether to just roll the surplus into the reserves account or credit it back to the property owners. Either could be done legally and ethically.

Tracy Carter brought the recommendation to the finance commission to credit the surplus. The finance commission discussed this in depth and agreed, voting to recommend that action to the board. I sit on the finance commission and know this is how it happened.

If the pro-incorporation folks want to take credit for this I would like to be given credit for the next day we have blue sky and sunshine.

Ken Dillenburg