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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Extremely bad news for CWL

How much could you take?

Our General Manager, Tracy Carter, tendered his resignation to the board. As is his custom, he has been gracious enough to offer an effective date of June 15 and will stay until then to assure a smooth transition to the next G.M.

He has taken the brunt of much abuse from some in disagreement with his policies and methods of operation. Some of that comes with the territory but not the extent he has endured. He has in recent weeks been buried in requests for information and documentation by those trying to find any fault possible with Candlewick’s operations. This has taken up not only his time but also staff time while our accounting manager is on a disability leave.

As if that was not enough, there was an incident at the last board meeting when a resident in the audience began loudly berating the manager for perceived deficiencies. Tracy took it quietly, offering no defense. This deteriorated into almost a physical confrontation in the audience and although it has not been stated, I believe this was the tipping point.

Everyone has a right to disagree with board or management actions but when it becomes loud personal attacks that is beyond the limit of civility. Tracy has not been seeking employment elsewhere so this is not a planned departure. We have lost a good man. I hope all remember this when voting in the board election. It is up to you what transpires going forward.

Ken Dillenburg