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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well, they finally won a round

We always try to keep our posts short and to the point. This will be an exception because I have a lot of my opinions to state.

Some from the pro-incorporation group are supposedly sorry about the upcoming exit of Tracy Carter, our general manager. Please think a little more deeply into this. What do you think incorporation would entail? Of course part of the plan was the elimination of our manager and a lot of the staff if our association was to be gone or at the very least gutted. That has been no secret from the beginning. Why now the feigned sadness at his resignation? Let’s be transparent in our motives.

It was part of that same group that buried Tracy in paperwork requests knowing full well he was trying to work on the fiscal budget and was already very short staffed. Not only did the staff have to add to their workload but also cope with the constant document requests and “visits” from some who seem to want the office to be a second home. The last board meeting when Tracy was berated loudly by an audience member it was later met with their denial “he is not part of our group.” Have it your way, guys, he is sure not part of the Pride.

I want to give you a little inside knowledge from our Pride meetings. We started our group with the mission stated right here on our site. Our plan was only to put forth positive information about our community and correct misleading information that was being disseminated. Before long it became clear simply pointing our positives would not be effective while others were constantly trashing Candlewick in their attempt to become a city. I came to a Pride meeting and stated the same, offering to set up another site unrelated to the Pride to fight fire with fire. We had to become much more aggressive. The board agreed with my assessment and said to go ahead on our site. This is when it became a war of words. We could not allow some to ruin our reputation as a community and destroy our lifestyle without calling them out on it and fighting back with all necessary force. All of you know how this ended up with the petitions being tossed out of court.

Next came phase two from the more government folks. It was time now to try through any means possible to undermine our association by digging through years of documents for some magic bullet to hopefully show how evil our association was and is. They can’t seem to grasp the concept of the past not being the way to move forward solving today’s challenges. The past is just that and it can not be changed. Our current manager has led us on the right path being sure we are in compliance with statutes. The current attack on our board secretary is of course part of the plan to discredit our association. Our last annual meeting was handled as instructed by legal counsel to be sure we were in full compliance. That legal opinion is obviously not enough for some when their goals are scorched earth.

Let’s all see what their next step will be in the process. If they want to stop all the dissention I wish them well. Actions speak louder than words.

Ken Dillenburg