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Monday, February 14, 2011

A waste of your money

I encourage each of you to read the information on the proxy form you were sent with the board of directors election ballot. By the way, I hope if you do not intend to attend the annual meeting you will send these in. They can be inserted into the large “secretary” envelope but can not be put in the ballot envelope or your ballot will not be counted.

Now to the point of this post.

The yellow proxy page indicates the cost of mailing out the proxies is about $2,500.00 each time they are mailed. All will agree this is an expensive process.

The board intends to separately mail the incorporation question to all the P.O.s. The cost may be even more per mailing since I understand some mailed to addresses outside Candlewick will contain stamped envelopes. The more government bunch has said they don’t care what the vote says, they will continue their effort. The Pride Group is not about to give in no matter what the vote and this could end up in court, meaning even more expense.

The board has said they will mail the question three times. You do the math to see if any of this makes sense to you. Thousands of dollars of your dues are being spent on a pointless question that will lead to nothing but more dissension. Come on, board, let’s put the property owners first and spend those thousands where it can do some good or just to continue holding down dues.

Ken Dillenburg